Relationship Building

Relationship Building is a key to a happy life


Relationship building is a conscious decision. Relationships are the centre of our lives.  Some of us find it easy to make them work and for the majority of us, we can struggle at times.  Whether in the workplace, in our social life or at home; poor relations can cause more stress than any other factor, and conscious relationship building becomes key.

Sometimes conflicts can arise because of personality factors.  This is because we like to do and live our lives a certain way.  Depending on our psychological make-up, when we get together with a new person on a social or working level, then sparks can fly!   Although sometimes you think that that person just knows how to press your buttons, often there is a simple solution.  A little bit of understanding can go a long way to achieving harmony and acceptance.

Likewise, we can have clear values and principles about how we live our lives.  Sometimes people are in our lives or come into our lives and they just don’t live up to your values or they seem to have lost their way.  Sometimes, we know we have lost our way.

Have you ever been attracted to a certain person and don’t understand why?  There are several reasons this can happen.  Quite often we see qualities in another person that we wish we had.  Or we are attracted because we believe the other person has something we need.  These points of attraction are often unconscious.  With a clear understanding about how we attract people into our lives, it empowers us to consciously choose our best relationships.

If you are struggling, or simply want to understand more about making relationships easy, and think relationship building might benefit you, then browse our pages and resources or contact one of brilliant Personal Development Experts.

Relationship Building can include:

  • Individual coaching, or mediation, using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques or Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator feedback MBTI FACTSHEET.  
  • Help to understand yourself and others
  • Help to create frameworks to resolve conflicts.  
  • Relationship Building Techniques