Team Coaching

Team Coaching gives you the Leading Edge

Team coaching can accelerate both performance and staff engagement.  ~There is  nothing is more powerful than a great team, performing well, with a common purpose, all headed in the right direction.

Customised team coaching is essential to meet your specific needs.  There are many great tools and models which can be used to create and accelerate learning through team coaching.  In particular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Neuro-Linguistic programming can really make an incredible difference very quickly.   These credible team building tools can speedily identify why your team works as it does and will find out what further development might be needed.

A team coaching event is most effective when developed with a problem-solving/solution based methodology, and with a view to accelerating experiential learning.

Team coaching can be effective in almost any situation, for example preparing for Investors in People accreditation, or improving customer service.

Good communication is essential if you are initiating team coaching.  Much time can be wasted if the participants don’t really understand why they are there.  Setting out clearly the goals, timeframe and rules for the sessions can be highly effective.  Making sure the team have adequate notice of the event or events, gives them time to raise questions and develop the right mindset to be able to come along and make the most of the session(s).

Don’t confuse team coaching with either team meetings or classroom based learning.  It can, however, be highly effective to combine a team meeting or a classroom-based event with a team coaching session, even if it’s simply an opportunity to have everyone together.  What makes team coaching different is the methodology in that the facilitator gets the team to describe the issues and then coaches them through to get the answers they need to move forward positively.