Email is Not The Answer
Morag Barrett
Morag Barrett is sought out speaker and the author of "Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships" and "The Future-Proof Workplace" published by Wiley March 2017. She's also the founder and CEO of, an international HR consulting and leadership development company. Morag’s experience ranges from senior executive coaching to developing leaders and teams across Europe, America and Asia. SkyeTeam works with clients in a range of industries including: Healthcare, Telecoms, Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology. She's a regular contributor to the American Management Association, and
Morag Barrett


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Morag Barrett
Morag Barrett
Email is ubiquitous.  But the fact that it is everywhere doesn’t mean it should be everywhere.

Have you stopped to consider how reliant you are on email? How many do you send and receive?

Like many of my clients I am guessing that the total “to/from” dance results in hundreds of emails every single day. Day in. Day out.  Let’s do some quick maths… 200 emails… each takes just 45 seconds (in fantasy land) to read/action/delete – that’s a whopping 2 1/2 hours every day that you will be sitting behind your computer monitor. No wonder we all bemoan “not being able to get to the day-job!”

See what I mean?  You are stuck at your desk, in your office, on the train, at home, over dinner… responding to email.  All the while life and business is going on around you and you are missing out.  It is all to easy to get trapped in the Pavlov’s dog response when you here the “ding” of a new message, or see the little light flash on your phone.

Here is a secret to breaking the cycle.  Email begets email.  If you send one – you will receive one back.  If you send an email and cc 5 people – you will get 6 emails. Emails beget email. When you find yourself stuck in the email loop of protracted arguments, endless replies, and misunderstanding, then you have to BREAK THE CYCLE.  Get up and talk to the right people and you may find that you can make a decision in 2 minutes.  Pick up the phone, walk down the hall and sit with someone.

In doing so you will find that decisions happen quicker. Misunderstanding are reduced, and trust is built.  Email maybe a quick answer, but it may not be the right answer.  Try a real conversation – Your success depends on it.


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