‘The Female Leader’ Reviewed by Michele Unangst

Nicole Dominique Le Maire is someone I really admire and look up to. I came across her via the book ‘The Female Leader, Empowerment, Confidence & Passion’ and after reading her section titled ‘Being’ I began to really take in the words she was saying and they’ve somehow flicked a switch in me to rethink how I should perceive myself. Since finishing the book I’ve been a keen follower of her blog, website and twitter feed.

What the book ‘The Female Leader’ gives, especially to women who feel they are overlooked at work is ‘empowerment’, the chance to really go out and grasp the positions they want. It shows you can change your current status to one of being in control, being in the driving seat. For many of us, being overlooked at work because of our gender is something we just accept, its just part of the norm. It is probably ingrained into us by society, that we must not strive for leadership, that we cannot have an entrepreneurial spirit or that simply we have to take a backseat behind the ‘male’ decision makers.

What this book will do is enable you to stop thinking in that mindset; it will adjust your rational and show you how to take the right steps to go about setting ‘change’ in motion. You can get where you want, you can be a leader, you do have the power in you to achieve!

The book states that women in the workplace can bring many different skills that are totally counterpart to men. Two of those skills are having empathy and a deeper sense of emotion. For years people have often seen those as weaknesses in leadership, but that couldn’t be more further from the truth in the modern work place, in our current culture. Think about it, pick a strong leader a person who you really admire and ask yourself are they empathic, are they connected with their emotions. As you go through the names in your head you will soon find that the true greats, truly are. Bottom line they have to be, they are both very important traits to have in being a strong leader, because they give you the ability to ‘understand’, on a far deeper level, the actions and consequences you have to take in making those key decisions. The fact is the truest and greatest leaders in the whole of society, throughout time and across the world have had these two elements.

Nicole is a strong woman who is proud to be where she is, what she’s offering you is the courage to be like her and to do the same. Well worth the price of any book I can tell you. You can order her book here.

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