Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness is About Temperament in First Place…



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Ioannis has worked for many years in leading manufacturing companies in Greece and achieved proven results in building effective teams, in improving team performance, in interviewing and selecting new personnel etc. In January 2012 he founded the business consulting company SUCCESSKeysGR which supports individuals and teams worldwide to improve their performance. He is certified McQuaig system user and interpreter and also certified with the international standard ISO 29990:2010 for professional coaching/mentoring, personnel development and seminars

Sales Efficiency is About Temperament in First Place

We all sell something. The difference is normally in what we sell, in how we sell it and which is our target group.

The selling style of a salesperson strongly depends on his/her temperament which is, according to experts, built until the 3rd-4th age and which reflects the natural profile pattern of a person. This natural behavioral pattern (the temperament) does not change at all over the whole life of a person or it changes very little under certain circumstances and for a limited period only.

The personality profile of a salesperson

Reliable personality profiling systems provide essential information about the selling style of a person, i.e. they describe how a particular person will naturally behave in a sales role. The information provided, relates for example to:

  • Prospecting
  • Presentation
  • Closing

It is obvious that the sales efficiency of any salesman strongly depends, among others, on the temperament of the person.

Sales training & personal development

There is often a misconception regarding the difference between sales training and personal sales development. Sales training often focuses on teaching technical sales skills.

However, those skills are rarely likely to be applied efficiently and effectively if the salesperson does not have the ‘right’ temperament for the kind of sales required (e.g. outbound or inbound sales, retail or technical sales etc.).

On the other hand, personal sales development focuses on the natural strengths (‘talents’) of a salesperson and supports the latter to develop the right skills based on his/her natural behaviors. This is by far a more efficient sales development approach than any conventional sales training.

In a nutshell, a sales person is unlikely to perform (constantly) well by only having the right technical skills. A prerequisite for maximum performance is the right temperament in combination with the development of the essential skills.


If you wish to develop your sales force effectively, rely on dedicated and accurate profiling systems, which will provide the information you need about how an employee is likely to behave in a particular sales role.

Build on the natural strengths of each employee and trust the development of your people to an experienced sales trainer and to an experienced (preferably certified) interpreter of the specific personality profiling system, which you are going to use.

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