5 Very Simple Skills That Will Radically Improve Your Life

5 Very Simple Skills That Will Radically Improve Your Life - People Development Network
5 Very Simple Skills That Will Radically Improve Your Life - People Development Network
Rick Riddle

Rick Riddle

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Rick Riddle
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Simple skills which will improve your life

We all do our best to learn new simple skills in general. They are supposed to help us to get a good job, to get a date, to live better. Usually, we go to school and college so to absorb as much information as we can. Though there is a limit to what we can take from books and teachers.

Most of the time, it is the very simple skills that can radically improve our lives, not our degrees in Neuroscience. The challenge here is that the majority of them aren’t offered in any class, and you must figure them out yourself.

But which are these simple skills in the first place? If you aren’t unsure about the answer, check the list below and start trying to identify which one of them you are in most need at the moment.


# 1   – Planning skills

Being able to plan what you are going to do is crucial to anybody’s success in life, and yet nobody teaches us how to do it. Except if you have been to a Business Administration course (or one related to it), you might never hear anything about how to set goals and keep up with your schedule during your entire life – leave alone being able to analyze the results of our choices. It is always a good idea to write it down on paper.

But, if you could only be able to see the big picture and to create a step-step guide towards your desired future, it would be much easier to go through the day. You would know why you are saving so much money, why you are still on that job that you don’t like, and what you have to do so to change your current situation.

# 2 – Listening skills

Since childhood, we are prompted to improve our speaking skills. Our parents get excited by each word we become able to mumble, and our teachers are keen on trying to improve our presentation skills and get us to speak our minds in class.

But very little, or nothing, is said about the importance of learning how to listen.  It is through listening to other people that we get to learn new things and to build an emotional connection with them. It will also allow us to develop critical thinking by trying to make sense and analyzing what is being said, with the goal to create our own opinion about it.

# 3 – Respecting your body clock

You probably have heard a lot about how good it is to be a morning person. That the vast majority of CEOs wake up very early in the morning, so we should do the same if we want to achieve the same level of success.

But most recent studies have been saying that what matter is to respect our body clock instead. That we should be able to sleep when our body needs to rest and to work when we are at our optimal level.

Of course, this is easily said than done, but if you feel like you can respect your body clock better, you should go for it. And you will notice the difference in your mood and how it will improve your productivity straight on.

# 4 – Stopping negative thoughts

The volume of ideas that we have during each day is as high as you can imagine. They are the responsible for guiding our decisions from when we are going to brush our teeth to getting married or not. But, unfortunately, most our thoughts aren’t really productive, hanging from suspicious to deeply negatives ideas, all based on self-pity or self-sabotage.

As you can see, it will be of great value if you managed to replace those bad thoughts in your minds for good ones. This is no easy task, but not all skills are simple to master. But all that takes to start is acknowledging when one of them comes to you, and then letting it go freely at their own time, while you occupy your mind with something else.

And this is one of the bases of the skill that we are going to talk about next.

# 5 – Meditation

Meditation is one of the best skills for those wishing to improve their lives. It is known by producing several effects in our mental and physical health, such as lowering blood pressure, relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improving our memory.

And the good thing is that meditation isn’t anymore something you would need to spend hours in classes to learn its techniques. You can get yourself started using apps, such as Buddify or Headspace, and try it at home just a few minutes every day.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many simple skills that you can learn so to improve your life radically. They will cost you none or very little money, and maybe just a bit of your time, but the benefits will be there for you to see.

So start trying to put them into practice right now. Regardless of how hard is for us to get any changes started, this journey might prove much more pleasant to you than you expected.