Hello and welcome to the People Development Magazine.  My name is Christina Lattimer.   I founded the magazine back in 2014, although there was an earlier version.  When I started up my original consultancy business, People Discovery, I was able to explore my passion for People Development generally.  To share what I knew, I started off creating a weekly newsletter that consisted of one side of A4!

A Blessing

After about a month, I invited my network across social media to contribute to the newsletter.  It was a big mistake (and our greatest blessing)!  We were inundated and pretty soon were producing a 12-page e-magazine, in PDF format.  While overwhelmed with the response, those early days were simply a wonderful gift. Ultimately the newsletter led to the formation of the Magazine proper.  Not only did we share brilliant expertise, but we also made some longstanding friends along the way. As I published wonderful contributions from across the globe, I realised we are better together than apart and sharing others’ expertise, as well as my own was enlightening.

Our Leadership Model

Raising awareness and expanding consciousness is the bedrock of my offer.  Very early on in my practice, I realised I needed to articulate what was at the core of my coaching ethos.  The result was the People Development Magazine Leadership Model.  As the articles from my peers in the development field rolled in I realised this model was at the core of many of the teachings contained in their writings too.  While here at the magazine we accept articles from all levels of consciousness, the ones which are centred around Universal Wisdom are the ones that have struck pay dirt.

Our Topics

Our audience consists of Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals, Business Owners and anyone interested in Personal Growth or People Development.  The topics we accept are:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Team Building
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Growth
  • Talent Management

Looking for a Coach?

If you are looking for a coach you can find out more about me and my practice here as well as by reading my many articles in the People Development Magazine

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I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance.

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