Who I can help

Hi, I’m Fi Hills of Virtual Coffeehouse. Typically I work with Change Leaders, OD and L&D practitioners whether in their corporate role or as individual facilitators.

How can I help?

Over the past decade, I have designed hundreds of Cafe Style Behaviour Games activities for experiential workshops, designed behaviour games experiential workshops.
Also, I provide Mind Nudging programmes for embedding change and technology tools to support the acceleration and scaling of workplace behaviour and culture change.
I provide these tools and learning to consultants, facilitators and end-user organisations. Everything I do is built on my EPIC methodology (Experiential, Playful, Iterative, Collaborative). This method has been validated on 35,000 people, which phenomenal transformational results.
After an initial consultation, I can design and build you a solution with the right programmes, workshops and tools to facilitate fast and effective behaviour and culture change at scale.

Qualifications and experience

I have a background in performing arts, am a Master NLP practitioner, have studied in the field of applied neuroscience and have innovated in behaviour and culture change for more than a decade.


Products and Services

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  • Behaviour Games Experiential Workshops – Design and Delivery
  • Experiential Training Design in Micro coaching and Bite-size Digital and Gamification
  • Employee Experience Gamification Platform
  • Behaviour Diagnostic Heatmaps
  • Mind Nudging Programme Design

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Tel: +44 (0) 7983327323

What my clients say about me

 “We were blown away with the initial impact of the training as some of the delegates within the ‘Bootie’ were our cynical officers and staff who would not usually engage with such a different approach to learning. Our key concerns across the organisation at this time were staff morale, meeting demands and priorities with less personnel, providing the best possible customer service to the local community and we were in desperate need of an injection of creativity and innovation. As a method, Café Style has given the organisation long term qualitative change, which is in no doubt contagious, our team’s Police Officers and Police Staff use the Café Style games for briefings, problem-solving and within small teams. What is excellent is it does not have to be a huge group event for it to work. It can be adapted to whatever your issue may be and the circumstances, which is why we have used it extensively through my work and within operational policing, in both front line and specialist areas.”


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