Contributor Guidelines

What topics do we accept?

Our audience consists of Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals, Business Owners and anyone interested in Personal Growth or People Development.  The topics we accept are:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Team Building
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Growth
  • Talent Management

We are particularly interested in up-to-date, cutting edge and topical people development topics.

Getting Your Article Published

The next section sets out a summary of the packages we offer.  Please note that in all cases the following applies:

  1. Where there is an admin fee, this must be paid in advance.  This can be paid either by using the templates in the links or by sending the payment via PayPal to [email protected] – If you would like an invoice to enable you to make payment please let us know.
  2. If you would like us to check out the article before you make payment, please send it to us at the above email address.   If we subsequently find through our more thorough review process that we are not able to accept the article, we will give a full refund.
  3. Once you have paid you will be given instructions to upload your article.  This is an easy process.  If you would like our team to upload your article there is a further fee of £30 to be paid in advance.
  4. All articles are attributed to an author, we do not publish posts sponsored by the magazine, and therefore you will need to provide an author name and email address in the signup process.
  5. Once you have (where appropriate) paid for and uploaded your article, we will review and publish it.  This is a fairly lengthy process as we complete a grammar check, SEO and readability check.  Because we want your article to reach the biggest audience we may make minor adjustments to the heading and keywords.
  6. Please read the remainder of these guidelines to make sure your experience working with us is as smooth as possible.

Our Packages


Our free author offer is for industry experts, thought leaders and specialists in the people development field, who personally wish to share their expertise and showcase what they can do for our audience.  Articles in this package must be original content and contain no third-party links unless quoting verified research to enhance the article.  We would ask that the author complete a comprehensive bio, where we will include a no follow link to the website owned by them.  This option is not for marketers.  To get started you can sign up here.

Please note we do not accept articles which link to gambling, finance or adult sites.   We reserve the right to refuse articles which link to inappropriate websites.

Paid Article

Our paid article offer is for industry experts, thought leaders and specialists in the people development field who wish to share their expertise, but who also wish to routinely advertise their products,  services and events.  It is also for PR Agencies and Marketers who wish to share their own or their client’s expertise, products and services. Articles in this package must be original content and can contain 2 third-party links which do-follow.   The admin fee to review and publish a paid article is £60.  To get started you can sign up here.

If you prefer you can send a copy of your article to [email protected] and we will have a quick look to see if it’s suitable, we will then send you further instructions for payment and upload.

Please note we do not accept articles which link to gambling, finance or adult sites.   We reserve the right to refuse articles which link to inappropriate websites.

PR Agency

Conditions are as for our Paid article, but this allows for a discounted price for bulk orders which are paid for in advance.  The admin fee for a PR Agency Package is £300 for 10 posts, paid upfront. To find out more, sign up here.

Book reviews

This package is for authors who have a people development-related book to share with our audience.  See topics for acceptable themes.   We publish third-party book reviews from genuine people who have reviewed your book and are prepared to share their review and their bio.

We publish your book review and circulate them to our 250k network.  Initially, for 2 months, we share every 3 days and thereafter at least once every 6 – 9 months.

We are very sorry, we do not have the resources to read and share our own reviews of your book. The admin fee for reviewing and publishing a book review is £45. To find out more sign up here.

     Link Placements

 We want to give our audience valuable links to the resources they need.   We can offer a credible link placement in selected articles.  The admin fee is £50.   If you wish to proceed simply drop an email to [email protected] and let us know which article you’d like to place the link in and the anchor text and URL.  Once approved, you will need to make payment via PayPal to [email protected] upon receipt of this we will place the link.

Please note we do not accept articles which link to gambling, finance or adult sites.   We reserve the right to refuse articles which link to inappropriate websites.

We only accept original articles

All articles must be original, not published elsewhere in any form.  This is to avoid search engine penalties for duplicate content, which are severe and can affect both websites involved in posting duplicate content.   After a period of 30 days, authors may repost articles elsewhere if we are informed in advance.  We also ask that a link to the article on this network is attached to the article stating it was first published here. If it subsequently transpires the article has been duplicated without the link to the original, we will consider deleting the article.  If a paid article or part of premium membership we will not be in a position to issue any refund.

How long an article Or Link will remain on the site

Once an article or a link placement is accepted, it will remain on the site for a minimum of two years.  This includes free and paid articles and link placements.  Any agreed links in paid articles will also be included for 24 months.  You should try to submit evergreen articles which stand the test of time.  Articles that become outdated or stale because at the time of publication will not stand the test of time.   In reality, we will keep generally keep an article on-site for much longer than 24 months and ideally permanently.  Articles may be deleted after 24 months if:

  • The content is thin and not/no longer relevant to our audience
  • Articles are not attracting readers
  • Articles become stale or old news

Please see our terms and conditions to find out your rights to the publication on our website.

Writing your article

Here is a helpful guide which can help you to optimise your article for the reader and search engines.  There are links to more in-depth articles about best practice writing too.  10 Steps To Writing Great Articles Audiences Want To Read

Completing your profile

Your profile should not include any links in the body of the text.  (There is a designated space for the author’s website).  Your profile should not consist of more than 200 words.  You should include all social media links.

It’s important to make sure you are happy with your profile.  The profile nestles at the end of the article and is the first thing a reader will see once they’ve read your article.   Simply click on “profile” on the menu on the right under the dashboard and scroll down to “name”, or follow this link.   Complete the required fields

Links in your Profile

You will be able to have a no-follow link back to your own site via your bio.  We may require proof of ownership.   Any link must be entered in the designated space provided in the author profile box.  We do not accept links back to your site or any third-party websites or URL in the body of the bio.   You will be able to include links to your social media pages and these must be included in the designated spaces provided in the author profile box.


We place one featured image in each article from our own stock-licenced set of images.  Except for images for book reviews, we do not accept alternative images.   This is because of difficulties around copyright.  We reserve the right to choose a suitable image for your article.

Accuracy and checking your article

You as the author are responsible for the content you post, meaning any facts, dates etc. Should be correct and you should also spell-check your article before submitting it. We undertake a very basic check before posting and we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors posted by authors.

Although you as the author are responsible for the content you sent us, we have the final say on headlines, illustrations and placement of the article. If necessary we also require authors to confirm exclusive copyright, including the right to electronic distribution.

Sharing your article

We want your article to be shared as widely as possible.  As well as sharing across our vast network, we hope you also share with your own.  Here is a checklist of useful places to share.  We would also be grateful if you would share other member articles which you feel might be valuable for your own network!

  1. Twitter
  2. Your Linkedin profile page
  3. Your Linkedin Company Page
  4. Your Linkedin Profile (there are spaces within your own profile to showcase your articles)
  5. Across Your Linkedin Groups
  6. Facebook Profile
  7. Facebook Company Page
  8. Instagram
  9. Tik Tok
  10. Google Profile
  11. Google Business Page
  12. Pinterest Boards
  13. You Tube
  14. Your Newsletter
  15. Link to the bottom of your email
  16. Slide share

Sharing is easy!  Simply use the share buttons on the left-hand side of the magazine and at the top and bottom of each post.

Helping the community to grow

We want to help you to get your message out.  To do so we want our community and readership to expand and grow steadily.   We have several social media platforms, which we share and promote your articles, we would be forever grateful if you would:

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Terms and conditions

Articles must comply with our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to refuse to publish inappropriate material. By signing up and submitting an article or a link placement, you are agreeing to our Terms and conditions and the requirements of these contributor guidelines.

Contact Us

We are here to help you.  If you want further assistance or want to contact one of our team, simply email [email protected]