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Articles on Business and Entrepreneurship

Most readers will benefit from the articles in the Business and Entrepreneurship category.  Readers who may be starting up a business or have been growing their business for some time will find something for them in our range of articles.

Most businesses must make a profit to be successful.  Business owners need to be well informed to make a decent profit.    Not-for-profit businesses also benefit from the insights from our expert authors.

A global market

Readers must be equipped to succeed in an increasingly global market.  Business owners must be prepared to take risks, hire the right people and create the right structure.  Our experts give a wide range of insights into global and local business expertise.

Soft skills for business owners and entrepreneurs

Many of our business articles are around soft skills, people management and developing teams.  Our articles can provide a rich and valuable resource for our readers in these areas.  Entrepreneurs need both soft skills and business skills to succeed.  For these trailblazers,  business acumen is vital, together with the ability to build lasting and productive relationships

Customer service expertise

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of any business is the relationship with customers.   Here we look at how we can improve customer service, and make customer service central to the business model.  We consider many aspects of how to approach customer service in different situations.

Marketing and PR

Without marketing and PR there simply is no business.  Whether marketing activity is carried out by the business owner, or the whole team, there is always something to learn to get better at marketing.  A social media presence is key and we have many articles giving some sound advice about how to contribute across many social media platforms.


For entrepreneurs, taking forward ideas and pushing the boundaries are the backbone of their way of being.  Many of our articles will provoke eureka moments.  We also explore the idea of innovation and how everyone can be an innovator with some practice.


No category for business would be complete without sharing expertise around digital and technology.  Most businesses rely on technology, from simple business support for the solopreneur to huge global corporations.

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