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Transactional to transformational human resources

For Human Resource professionals, the problem is there are levels of HR which can be offered to businesses.  Often businesses can only see one aspect. Usually, it’s all about transactions.   There is a good reason for this as every HR professional knows in that unless the basics are right, no amount of strategy or good HR professionalism will cut muster.

There are 3 basic levels of HR expertise businesses can access:

1. Transactional

Transactional HR can include processes like paying or recruiting people.  They are the bread and butter processes organisations need to make sure they have the right people at the right time.

Employee disputes and enacting policy issues are all transactional HR.  Many businesses, either outsource some of these processes and some prefer them to be delivered in house.   However, one thing is certain, employers value the smooth running of the HR transactional offer.

2. Organisational Policy

HR Policy takes a number of forms.  Some of the traditional policies like employee complaints or terms and conditions of service are designed to protect an organisation legally.

However, there is a deeper purpose to HR Policy in that it can be designed to shape organisational culture.  So for example policy around pay or time off, or policies that reflect organisational values.  Any organisation would benefit from reviewing or introducing policies which reflect its core purpose or values as well as legal imperatives.

3. Strategic HR

Strategic HR is where HR Professionals can add the most value.   Workforce planning, including capability mapping, is one of the most fundamental HR strategy functions.  Looking ahead to create a diverse workforce, or incorporate new business models via their people is key for businesses.

The employee lifecycle

HR has oversight of the whole employee lifecycle.  This means starting from planning for new people, to retiring people and everything in between are functions which can be enhanced by taking an HR view.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management encompasses the whole range of people interventions and is aided by data.  Making sure an organisation makes good decisions based on solid evidence is a key function of an HR Professional.

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