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Personal Development

Some people are continuously developing themselves, while others take a philosophical view of self-development.  Personal growth can be exciting and revealing.  We all have blind spots and undertaking personal development can reveal some interesting information about ourselves.

Self Awareness

Being aware of self can be quite scary.  To grow we need to be able to objectively look at ourselves, without judgement.  This can be a tall order.  When we realise we are creating our reality with our thoughts and feelings, then developing self-awareness is a no brainer.  We need to uproot our early programming if it is not working for us.

Emotional Intelligence

Some people are just naturally emotionally intelligent and for some of us, we have to learn how to be.  Emotionally intelligence means letting your feelings come up and finding ways to deal with them. It’s also about helping others with their emotions, or at the very least going some way to empathise and understand what they are going through.

Thinking Skills

Thoughts create our reality.  They also create feelings and emotions inside of us.  When we think negatively over long periods of time, our lives can become darker.  Learning to think more positively can affect your life tremendously.  Thoughts are not owned by us, they are just passing by in our mind.  However, we can choose those thoughts we wish to attach to and believe.  It is these thoughts that create our reality.



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