Every person with an internet connection watches YouTube. You can’t escape the draw of YouTube and that’s why so many marketers turn to YouTube as a means of reaching people. What happens if you want to watch GEO-restricted content or if you want to access YouTube as people do from a specific country? That’s where using a yt proxy server comes in handy. Here we look at why people use proxies with YouTube.

YouTube blocks content for certain users

Have you ever seen that dreaded message from YouTube telling you that the content is blocked in your region? Why do they do that? Well, sometimes it could be due to copyright or the publisher for one reason or another wants to restrict your access. Did you know you can navigate the content restrictions and watch the video? That’s where using proxies comes in and they can bypass any YouTube restrictions.

You may be wondering if you can get in any trouble with YouTube if you bypass their content restrictions. The answer is no, you can’t get into any trouble. YouTube will play the video just like you were in another country. They’re not going to ask you any questions. YouTube doesn’t care to the extent that they’re willing to go to extremes to make sure that you never watch the blocked content.

Proxies can help you scrape YouTube

If you try too aggressively to scrape YouTube with your own IP address, it’ll cause all kinds of trouble. Why would you want to scrape YouTube? You might want to download public domain videos that you will want to use for a project. People also upload public-domain music and sound effects that they can use for their videos or anything that they want.

Sometimes, people scrape YouTube to get information such as email addresses or web addresses that they can visit later. If you’re doing any of this scraping, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing it behind a proxy. You don’t want to risk YouTube blocking or restricting access to your IP because you’re aggressively scraping their site.

Avoid being throttled by YouTube

Did you know that YouTube throttles some people? You might be surprised to learn that depending on where you are in the world, YouTube will throttle your streaming speeds and show you an inferior-quality video. If you’re living outside of Europe or America, it’s not unheard of for YouTube to lessen the quality of the videos that you’re watching.

If you scrape YouTube, the site can also throttle your connection.  Maybe you notice that you’re unable to scrape as fast as you once were in the beginning, now you know why. YouTube has throttled your speeds and may even make it impossible for you to scrape their site. The speed throttling is their way of putting the breaks on your scraping, and it’s highly effective.

Sometimes, you just want to be anonymous

You don’t need a reason to use a proxy while watching YouTube other than you don’t want people snooping on your viewing habits. It’s not that you’re watching something that may be questionable, though even if you are, that’s your business. The reason why so many people want to use a proxy while watching YouTube is they don’t want to be tracked. Your information should remain your information, but as we know, your info is always for sale to the highest bidder.

A proxy acts as a barrier between you and YouTube, and that means prying eyes can only get so far. Sure, they can tell what the proxy IP is doing, but as far as what you’re doing, that’s not possible. YouTube will only see the proxy IP, and you’re shielded from them and their advertisers, who may be doing who knows what in the background while you’re visiting the site.

Proxies offer protection and flexibility to those who need it

Some of you may not want to be protected from those who are watching everything you do. You could just want to watch restricted content. It doesn’t matter what the reasoning behind your desire for a proxy is. The most important thing is that you learn how to use it properly. If you learn how to use your proxy in the right way, it’ll ensure that your safety and privacy will be protected.