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Hi I’m Timothy Dean Smith

60% of first-time leaders fail. This common problem is often due to overlooked prerequisites. If you are a first-time leader and want to avoid this costly failure, I’m here to help you accelerate your transformation from an individual contributor to a people-centred leader.

In addition to first-time leaders, those who have led people for a short time or have led people for a long time, you will find this training beneficial.

How can I help?

Your transformation begins with often-overlooked prerequisites. I created the free Leader Prerequisites Self-Assessment, to determine if you have what it takes to lead people. If you have what it takes to lead people, I will accelerate your development as a first-time leader.

Your first course will be “Communication and Emotional Intelligence”. These are the two most important people skills and should always be taught together. To be successful, everyone needs to be proficient in these skills, not just leaders. These skills will benefit you personally and professionally, for the rest of your life.

Your second course will be “First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠”. I will share insight with you I gained during my nearly four decades as a Crash Test Dummy for Leader Development.

The final aspect of your training and the most overlooked is your choice of private or group monthly coaching. To be eligible to attend these coaching sessions, you must have attended the two prerequisite courses, “Communication and Emotional Intelligence” and “First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠”. You should attend as many of these coaching sessions as you feel necessary. These sessions will be strategic conversations to discuss actual situations you experienced.

Qualifications and experience

My experience includes nearly four decades as a Crash Test Dummy for Leader Development. During my career, I’ve gained knowledge and experience to accelerate your transformation from individual contributor to people-centered leader.


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