Who Can I help?

How can I help?

As a team coach, I design and facilitate team workshops to solve a specific problem or help you implement peer coaching. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution and customising each workshop.  I recognize patterns that stop the team from delivering and help identify each person’s unique superpower and how it can contribute to the product or project, focusing on collaboration in a whole systems approach.

I also provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions to help individuals grow their confidence and unlock their dormant potential.  I specialize in processing emotions and use a somatic approach.

Qualifications and experience

Professionally, I started my career in the software development industry in 1998. I worked in different teams, locations, and industries, including large corporate companies and smaller non-profits and startups. This gives me a unique ability to identify patterns (both strengths and weaknesses). It also means I have a large solution toolkit.

Personally, I’ve dedicated the past few decades to personal growth and processing my own emotions.  I’ve gone through a few dark nights of the soul and understand the process of change and how to change limiting beliefs.

Courses I completed in the past include mastering more technical skills related to software development as well as softer skills like emotional intelligence, basic psychology, the GROW coaching model, creative thinking techniques, etc. I’m currently enrolled in a level 3 ILM, ICF and EMCC Accredited Coaching Qualification and continue to undergo coaching myself.


Team/Group Coaching
Individual Coaching

Ways of working


Products and Services

Team workshops Mentoring and support One-on-one coaching. Find out more here.

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Kate Dames – [email protected]

What my clients say about me

“I met you in quite a difficult time. The project was very behind, the client was angry, the team was not talking, and everything was everywhere. Nobody had a direction or knew what was next or important. You focused the project from 50 priorities to 1 goal when you joined. You took massive tasks and made them small and digestible. Also, you made complex content easy to understand. And most importantly, you got the project on track by pulling everyone together and got us all talking.
The monumental facilitating role that you played pulled the entire project out of a very dark and deep hole. Along the way, you had to make some firm decisions and draw hard lines, and for that, I truly respect you – at the time, it was very necessary. When 20 other people would have run away, you stepped up to the plate.” – anonymous “You had to deal with nightmare clients, competing goals and personalities. It also seems like co-workers didn’t always play ball, and you had to navigate through that.” – anonymous “You were fearless.
You held onto your personal values and principles, even under extreme pressure and with little to no support from management. Additionally, you brought knowledge, integrity, experience, professionalism and maturity to the role where there had been none. You introduced a more Agile mindset to the company – not just the team – backed by processes that are only now being appreciated. The work you carried out was inclusive and instructive – sharing your knowledge with the team to improve their skills without ever being patronising. You prevented the project from derailing at a critical stage. You laid the foundation for significant improvements in the way the team works together, and with the client.” – anonymous
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