Who I can help

Hi, I’m Dharmesh Chheda.

I help mid to senior-level professionals, teams or leaders in finance and accounting roles. Those that are particularly feeling “imposter syndrome”, navigating their step up into a senior role, and how they can demonstrate this through behaviours and skills that elevate their confidence, contributing to the wider organisational goals whilst maintaining authenticity and their expertise.
It is important for the client to be ready to be coached, and I do this through an intake session to establish compatibility.

How can I help?

As a coach, my role is to facilitate a conversation and thought process that challenges and stretches individuals and teams. The objective is to shift mindsets through a learning approach rather than teaching. Offering a safe and confidential space, I encourage coachees to be open and honest to get the best out of their sessions.

I help to overcome challenges by clarifying outcomes, identifying strengths, opening possibilities and finally commitment to action.

I get finance to become champions of client service, and integral to business decision making. Having been Head of the Academy of Professional Development at ICAEW, I know and understand the challenges of finance functions, and have coached clients to really define and think about their roles, development needs and those for their teams.

The ownership and accountability lie firmly with the coachee, ensuring the client is leading the solutions and I am leading the process.

Qualifications and experience

Personal Performance Accredited Coach (May 2022)

The Coaching Academy, with approved ICF coaching hours.

Head of Academy of Professional Development at ICAEW (2014-2019)

Training and Development of finance professionals and leaders, designing leadership programme, in-house courses and interventions to future proof with skills and behaviours.


Leadership/Executive coaching

Training/Development expertise

Ways of working

Face to Face


Where you can find me on social media

Dharmesh Chheda Coaching – Linkedin

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (774) 079-7585

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