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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Bishop.

My work resonates with people who identify as service providers – people serving people – in more intimate ways. For example, healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, allied professionals), social services providers (social workers, mental health counsellors, addictions counsellors), educators (at all levels), protection services (police, paramedics, firefighters), and family caregivers. I focus both on the individual experience with a view toward systems transformation, so those in leadership positions (CEO, ED, HR professionals) can also benefit. I get most excited about working with people committed to elevating their experience as service providers in whatever form it takes – to experience greater well-being, stronger communication, and a sense of connection to purpose.

How can I help?

My research has led to the development of the Conscious Service Approach that emphasizes four key areas of interconnected development ~ Self-Connection, Enlightened Communication, Transformative Relationships, and Co-Creative Community. I offer a nuanced approach with an emphasis on personalized interpretations and practices. I seek to challenge outdated perspectives by encouraging alternative views. I focus heavily on experiential learning as well as the integration of concepts into practice. It’s important that the work is meaningful, relevant, and tangible so I embrace flexibility in the process toward individually identified outcomes. I love redefining commonly used terminology in service-related circles to push the limits of what we believe is possible, especially in the areas of self-care, self-filled living and serving, and inclusion of lived experience. I believe that who we are personally has everything to do with how we serve in the world and I wish to challenge the notions of compartmentalization and the externalization of balance.

Qualifications and experience

Diploma – Developmental Services Worker

Bachelors – Psychology and Religious Studies

Masters – Adult Education

Currently pursuing doctoral studies with the Faculty of Education in extension of my Master’s research and further development of the Conscious Service Approach emphasizing the role of love, joy, and fulfilment as central to service in the world today.

I have more than 40 years of experience in human services and more than 30 years in post-secondary education. I have worked in all levels of service delivery in the non-profit sector (direct service provider, team leader, senior management, program director) and have also worked in the private service sector as well.

I am currently co-leading a project designed to learn more about the lived experience of service providers in terms of self-defining wellness and exploring the connection with equity in the workplace.

I teach in a variety of capacities including face-to-face, online, and distance education. I am well versed in offering webinars and training sessions via online technology.

I am the author of Conscious Service: Ten Ways to Reclaim Your Calling, Move Beyond Burnout and Make a Difference Without Sacrificing Yourself (Hazelden Publishing, 2022).



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Elizabeth Bishop Consulting – Linkedin

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EABishop46 – Instagram

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Email: [email protected]

Tel: (604) 362-7787

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