As I’ve navigated growing organizations and businesses, “management” has become a multi-faceted hat to wear that has refined my skills and methodology. Comprised of facilitation, regulation, inspiration, clarification, communication, delegation, and so much more.  With many parts to focus on, mindful managers are very much in demand.

Having served in various leadership capacities in business and community groups, the varied demands have expanded my perception and expression as a person who manages others.

The power of words

One powerful component of the refining has come in recognizing the power of the words I use. Also, how MY TEAM understands them.  I realized the language I use to engage my team is vitally important. The language I use adds to the effective communication and efficient expression of our mission and vision.  Too often, I’ve found myself backtracking because I used a particular phrase or word. Only later, to find out the definition of that phrase held another meaning or variation.  Mindful managers are thoughtful about the language they use.

For instance, the word “demand” in a business model is often understood as the purchase need of the consumers.  No emotion in that definition, right?  In a team sense, using the word demand might invoke a more defensive response if the word were to describe the “demands” of the company’s needs.  I will potentially have team members who respond much more open to a phrase that “enrols them in the company vision” or “mission”.  For me, I’m more effective by asking them to engage rather than by demanding that they do.  An expectation is set from the onset of employment regarding business needs. The expectations surrounding job “requirements”, descriptions, exchange of skill set for pay and the overarching collaboration of delivering the outcome “demanded” by the company.

Quality of experience

For me, another decisive step made an impact in increasing the quality of experience our customers have. This is to improve the quality of experience our team has while we work and serve.  This isn’t new news.  Many top organizations have been leading the changes in business effectiveness. They create companies people want to support and ENJOY working for. One of the ways they achieve this is by recruiting mindful managers.   In the most practical sense, as a manager, this has been best expressed by simply KNOWING the people on my team.  Not to know all the details of their lives, but to have a sense of their learning and communication styles. Their motives for working on our team. Personal understanding of their skill sets and where they want to grow and express potential.

Personalizing my approach has strengthened and enhanced my ability to serve best both my team and the business’s overall success.

I believe in being mindful. By recognizing, honouring, and practising my strengths and challenges in leadership not only helps me to give more productively but also increases the commitment of my team members to do the same.  We are left with increased respect for ourselves. And for each other as a more tangible and practical expression of our intention.

Lisa Engle is widely known for her passion, dedication and commitment to the chiropractic profession. She is famous for inspiring patients, especially mothers, to connect more fully to the expression of their health potential. With nearly 3 decades of service in the chiropractic profession; integrity, congruence, and “inside out health” is her first language. In turn, she has created a safe, effective, and reflective coaching model for mothers without the judgement, comparison, and overwhelm that often inhibits change and growth for families. To learn more about Lisa’s work or to contact her, please visit or