With research from the ILM showing that 84% of employees think coaching should be part of every organisation’s management and development programme, it’s not surprising that more and more people want to accelerate their career with a coaching and mentoring qualification. If you’d love to fast-track your career with a coaching qualification but can’t afford to fund it yourself, follow the three steps below to convince your employer to invest in you:

Put yourself in your employer’s shoes

The secret to influencing your employer to say “yes” to your idea is to see things from their perspective. Instead of explaining why you want to do a coaching and mentoring qualification, think about how your employer would benefit. For example, you could improve the thinking skills and confidence of your direct reports, mentor new starters or lead a project to help your organisation develop a coaching culture. By pitching your idea with “what is in it for them?” at the front of your mind, you are more likely to convince them on an emotional and commercial level to invest in your qualification.

Prepare for issues

Set yourself up for success by anticipating any questions or concerns your employer may have. If you think they might say “you won’t have enough time to commit to a qualification,” then work out in advance how you will prioritise your workload with the learning commitments of the course. Another concern might be “what if we invest in you and then you leave?” In this scenario, you may need to negotiate and agree to stay for a minimum period of time or refund your employer the cost of the qualification. By thinking ahead and preparing for any curveballs, you give yourself the best chance of being able to respond live in the moment with a compelling argument to help persuade your employer to say yes.

Develop a winning mindset

Never underestimate the power of a confident mindset. Before your meeting, remind yourself that coaching and mentoring skills are highly prized managerial skills as they help improve individual and team performance, build confidence and resolve complex challenges.  Remember, energy is contagious so be passionate about your idea, not apologetic. A confident mindset will help you use positive and succinct language to pitch your idea which will ensure your employer is much more likely to agree to invest in your coaching qualification.

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Nicole Soames is a highly qualified coach and emotional intelligence practitioner.  In 2009 Nicole founded Diadem, a leading commercial skills training and coaching company. She has recently launched Diadem Qualified offering Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications accredited by the Institute of Learning and Development (ILM) that fuse real world experience with tried and tested theory and industry best practice. Nicole is also the best-selling author of The Coaching Book, The Negotiation Book, The Influence Book and The Presenting Book.