Recently a tweet about identity by Adam Grant, the top-rated professor at the Wharton business school in Pennsylvania and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, caught my attention. As an organizational psychologist, Adam is a leading expert on finding motivation and meaning and living more generous and creative lives. His tweets helped me uncover the questions that help you to update your identity. 

Here is Adam’s tweet:

  • Identity is a work in progress. 
  • Your past self shouldn’t constrain your future goals.
  • Comfort comes from maintaining your identity.
  • Growth comes from evolving your identity. 
  • Who you are becoming is more important than who you’ve been.

Like most people, I have gone through my share of big life transitions. In the process, I lost many of my old identities.

I left Iceland in the late nineties and moved to the United States. At that time, I left the identities of the business owner and the employer. I consciously choose to give us the comfort zone that Adam Grant talks about. 

I also left the identity of being a wife as my Dutch husband had left the earthly plane two years prior. 

The most prominent identity I brought to Santa Fe, New Mexico, was being a mom of our two young sons.

Since then, I have tried on various identities, some comfortable, others uncomfortable.

But what I have learned is that the identity we take on from the roles we play during different parts of our lives is just packaging. It’s not our true identity.

Where do you find your real identity?

You find your real identity when you dare to go for the growth edges and start to dig deep into the big questions. 

The Big Questions that help:

  • Who Am I? 
  • Why Am I Here?
  • What’s My Purpose?

These are the questions that

  • bring you closer to what has heart and meaning to you today. 
  • help you to dream bigger and re-frame who you aspire to be. 
  • inform who you are becoming, as Adam Grant puts it.
  • bring you to your true essence — your TRUE Power.
  • help you find your golden egg that’s incubating and ready for hatching. 

What’s in your golden egg that wants to be expressed and gifted to the world while giving you fulfilment and the purpose you so long for?

Ask yourself, is it time for me to hatch that egg? And if so, what kind of support do I need to make sure that my gift will not only survive but thrive?

Resources for you

Are you one of the highly successful professionals who have woken up to their deep desire for more purpose, fulfilment, and meaning in their personal and professional lives? 

Sadly, too many people find themselves later in life living as the hollow remains of their unfilled dreams because they bought into the cultural norm of playing it safe at the expense of their passions, creative expressions, and higher purpose.

If you are ready to dream again in a supportive and safe space with other like-minded people, check out the True Power Mastermind by clicking on the image below to find out more or visit here:

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