Simple home office hacks

Whether you have your own home business or are working from home remotely for your job in big business, it can be hard to stay organized and on track. One of the biggest problems that many people have when working from home is procrastination. While workers procrastinate in a traditional office too, they don’t have the comforts that home workers do, such as easy access to the fridge and Netflix. However, there are a few simple home office hacks out there that not only keep you on track with your work but keep you organized as well. 

Get Modern

One of the first things you want to do when working from home is to take advantage of every app and technological advance you can that relates to the industry you’re in. For example, there are apps out there that can capture web pages for you, which will omit the need for bookmarks and allow you to save things to one central place with ease. You need to get as modern as you can with your home office because new note-taking apps make it easier to organize ideas and content relevant to your work..

Declutter Often and Ruthlessly

Things have a habit of collecting in a home office–all kinds of things, especially if you have children. Make it a habit to purge your office of everything from coffee cups to papers and junk mail to the children’s toys at least once a week. Decluttering often and ruthlessly is a great way to sit down in an office that is neat, clean, and meant for working. Whether you’re tossing old bills or dusting the entire room, you’ll feel much better when your office looks like an office again, and your desk is clean and clutter-free. 

Set Power Hours

Power hours are defined as the time of the day when you’re most productive and apt to get your work done. You need to figure out what the best hours of the day are for you, then set those as your own power hours. These are the hours that you will dedicate to getting your most important tasks accomplished. Stay off of social media, gossip sites, and your blogs, and get right to work. During these hours, work is your only concern. You’ll be surprised at how much you get accomplished during this time if you stick to the hours you have set. 

Schedule Regular Breaks

While it may be tempting to just keep your head down and work until the day is done, it’s not productive and isn’t good for your health. It’s important to schedule breaks throughout your workday, even when working from home. Make sure that you eat lunch away from your desk, and even take a break to stretch or just walk around the yard a little. Scheduling those breaks into your daily routine will help with your productivity as well, because they will become a habit, just like your power hours will. 

Switch Off Pop-Up Notifications

It’s beyond super-tempting when you see a notification from your blog or your favourite social media site to stop working and click on the link to check it out. You might think that doing so may only take you a couple of minutes, but it’s doubtful, but that also takes you away from the work zone and can be very distracting. Switch off the pop-up notifications on your phone and your computer, so you won’t be tempted. It’s also a good idea to limit how many times a day you check your email. Check it in the mornings, after lunch, and right before you’re finished for the day for the best results. 

These are just a few tips to keep you on track and organized when you work from home. Follow this advice and you’ll be pleased with how much more organized you can be. 


Anne started freelance writing and blogging in college while studying marketing and journalism and has since found something of a career writing about various business and professional topics around the internet. She’s experienced with both blog content and on-site copywriting, thanks for reading!