In many cases, managers will slowly make their way up the ladder to their managerial position, learning everything on the job. Even though learning by experience can be the best way to progress, it also leaves you open to developing bad habits or wrong practices.  Although you may wish to consolidate team working, it’s difficult to know where to start. 

Managing a team doesn’t come naturally to everyone and you may find that it’s a sudden leap from managing your own performance and workload, to manage yourself and a number of juniors at the same time.

Team-building experts, Team Tactics, have taken a few things they’ve learned from watching management consolidate team working.  They’ve come up with a list of ways you may be able to up your management game. All of these tips benefit both you and your team, helping you consolidate team working by bringing people together and helping them to work in a more efficient manner.     

1. Development is Key

There’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself and your team. Scheduling in time for development will allow your team to grow and succeed, by learning new skills or improving old ones.

Create a way to track the progress of your team month on month, helping them to identify the things they do well and what they could improve on. It’s also important to do this for yourself, making sure you are also developing your own skills and managerial experience.

2. Work on your Motivational Speeches

Motivating your team, even in the hardest and most stressful situations, is a key skill to have.

Work on the right things to say and when. Think about what kind of talk would motivate you to do the best you can. Maybe it’s making sure to give regular positive feedback, encouraging the team to meet tight deadlines or even encouraging other members of the team to share their own motivational wisdom.

3. Create Tasks that Bring your Team Closer Together

Team building doesn’t have to be the stuffy and awkward meetings of yesteryear. New and adrenaline-fuelled team building events can have a massive effect on the efficiency of your team and the relationships between its members.

Why not take your entire team on a team-building day, treasure hunting around London’s biggest landmarks, or enjoy the great outdoors with some raft building and orientation. Getting your team out of the office will give you a fresh perspective and offer an outside view of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can take necessary action.  

4. Focus on Streamlined Communication

Making sure everyone is aware of who to speak to regarding certain issues and that job roles are clear, can help to streamline communication.

A clear and direct process for communication will make sure no information gets lost along the way and all members of your team are kept well informed. Team building events can also help in this respect, in that they help team members to form stronger communication skills between each other.

5. Accept Help and Admit When you Need a Lift With Your Own Tasks  

It can be easy to overlook yourself when managing a number of people underneath you. You become focused on helping them and monitoring their workload and soon, you find yourself snowed under.

Accept when you need a little bit of help with your own tasks, whether that’s from your senior, outsourcing or the executives and juniors under you. It’s ok to admit that you need some help from time to time and it will benefit everyone in the long run.

Taking the time out to think about how you’ll progress your managerial skills, will not only help you in managing your team more efficiently and decreasing your own stress, but it will also massively boost your business and its processes. Thinking about the bigger picture and how you can all work together in a more streamlined way, will help things run a lot smoother for everyone.

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