If you’re not having fun – you’re doing something wrong

Groucho Marx

Two thought systems

if only we realised when we were very young that we had choices about the thoughts we decide to believe in.  Then life would have been so much different.  The fact is we can choose from two distinct thought systems.  If you’re not having fun then you’re likely choosing from the ego

The ego thought system has a common theme: It believes in separation, fear, scarcity and judgment.  The opposite thought system is that of our higher self.  Its predominant features are love, abundance, acceptance and forgiveness.  It truly is about positive thinking.  But positive thinking which is grounded in belief and knowing.  When you know you can choose your thought system, then you know if you’re not having fun, its a matter of choice, not circumstance. 

Choosing fun

I know you can’t always choose fun.  However, if you get into the habit of choosing thoughts and ideas which make you feel better in any situation then you are more likely to get to that light feeling of happiness or contentment.  When you are in that state, you are more open to having fun.  A relative of mine who was a known joker sadly lost her husband of 50 years.  She was deeply affected by her loss, she had truly lost a best friend.  Me and my family travelled to stay beside her for the funeral.  We stayed a few days, and the time we spent with her was a roller coaster of tears and laughter, while she teased out her memories and the laughter she had experienced with him.  

I know the sentiment isn’t about laughing in the face of tragedy, but if you can still manage to have some fun in the face of adversity – and that might not always be possible – then you are probably doing something right.  

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