Our life is what our thoughts make it

Marcus Aurelius

Thoughts create our reality

One of the first clues I had which formed my understanding that our life is what our thoughts make it, was when my spiritual practice led me to identify what was going on within by looking out on my environment.  The teaching which I forget now was indicating to me that I was responsible for my world.  I remember in a period of great upset and emotional challenge, everything going wrong with my car.  The engine needed work. One after the other my tyres got flat.  Eventually, someone drove into the back of me.  I realised I was suppressing negative emotions which I was trying to tightly keep a lid on.   

Once I realised the car was responding to my negative emotions, I was able to release them.  If you don’t subscribe to the fact that our life is what our thoughts make it, you will find this a stretch to believe or understand. 

How reality is created

I am no expert on this, but quantum science has suggested there are several world scenarios which are accessible to us.  There is a quantum field which is creating our world. This field will flex depending on what our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and feelings are telling it. I understood the link between my immediate outward environment and my inner thoughts. However, it still hadn’t dawned on me how important it was to actively encourage better-feeling thoughts.  I didn’t know I needed to do much more inner work to break down limiting beliefs. 

I have come to understand that although I create my immediate reality, the world is composed of a collective reality.  The collective thoughts, feelings and beliefs are creating the outer world.  I am part of this collective consciousness and so can begin to influence it through my thoughts and feelings. 

Positive Practices To Create Your Reality 

Here are 10 ways you can begin to positively create your reality.

1. Positive Thinking and Visualization

Positive thinking and visualization are powerful tools for creating one’s reality. When individuals consistently think positively, they tend to attract positive experiences and outcomes. Visualization enhances this by allowing people to mentally picture their desired reality, whether it’s success in a career, a happy relationship, or personal achievements. This mental imagery activates the same neural networks that actual physical activity does, priming the brain to act in ways that align with the visualized goals. Moreover, positive thinking can improve one’s mental and physical health, leading to a more fulfilling life. It’s not about denying negative aspects of life but focusing on the positive and possible, which can change one’s outlook and, consequently, their experiences.

2. Setting and Pursuing Personal Goals

Setting and pursuing personal goals is a fundamental way people create their reality. Goals act as a roadmap for life, providing direction and a sense of purpose. When individuals set clear, achievable goals and diligently work towards them, they actively shape their future. This process involves both planning and action – from envisioning the result to taking daily steps towards achieving it. The act of setting goals also helps in overcoming obstacles, as it provides motivation and a clear focus on what needs to be accomplished. By setting goals, individuals can transform their aspirations into reality, whether it’s in their careers, personal growth, or relationships.

3. Engaging in Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is a key way individuals create their reality. By constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills, people can adapt to changing environments and open up new opportunities for themselves. This can involve formal education, self-study, or experiential learning. Continuous learners tend to be more adaptable and innovative, able to see and create opportunities that others might miss. This habit of learning also keeps the mind active and engaged, leading to a more enriching life. Whether it’s learning a new language, picking up a new hobby, or staying updated in one’s professional field, continuous learning enables individuals to shape their lives actively.

4. Building and Maintaining Relationships

The relationships people build and maintain significantly shape their reality. Human beings are social creatures, and the connections they forge with others have a profound impact on their lives. Positive relationships can provide support, happiness, and opportunities, while toxic relationships can lead to stress and unhappiness. Actively seeking and nurturing relationships, whether they be friendships, romantic partnerships, or professional networks, can lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. This includes not just creating new connections but also investing time and effort in maintaining them. Relationships can open doors to new experiences, provide support in difficult times, and greatly influence one’s perspective and experiences.

5. Practicing Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Mindfulness and self-awareness are crucial in creating one’s reality. By being mindful, individuals become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and environment, allowing them to respond more effectively to life’s situations. This heightened awareness also helps in recognizing and breaking negative patterns, whether in thought or behaviour. Self-awareness enables individuals to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and values, guiding them in making decisions that align with their true selves. Practising mindfulness through meditation, reflective practices, or simply being present at the moment can lead to a more intentional and authentic life experience.

6. Overcoming Adversity Through Resilience

Resilience, the ability to overcome adversity, is a powerful way individuals create their reality. Life inevitably presents challenges, but resilient people use these challenges as opportunities for growth. They adapt to setbacks and learn from their experiences, often emerging stronger and more capable. This resilience is partly a mindset – viewing obstacles not as insurmountable barriers but as hurdles to overcome. Building resilience can involve seeking support, developing problem-solving skills, and maintaining a positive outlook. By cultivating resilience, individuals can navigate life’s ups and downs more effectively, shaping a reality that is defined not by what happens to them, but by how they respond.

7. Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle significantly impacts how individuals create their reality. This encompasses physical health, mental well-being, and emotional balance. By prioritizing health through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest, people can improve their physical state, which in turn affects their mental and emotional health. A healthy body supports a healthy mind, leading to clearer thinking, more energy, and improved mood. Additionally, practices like yoga or meditation can enhance emotional well-being. By taking care of their health, individuals are better equipped to pursue their goals and face life’s challenges, actively shaping their reality.

8. Embracing Change and Adaptability

Embracing change and being adaptable is crucial in creating one’s reality. In a world that is constantly evolving, the ability to adapt to new circumstances is vital. Those who embrace change rather than resist it can make the most of new opportunities and overcome challenges more effectively. Adaptability involves being open to new ideas, willing to learn, and flexible in one’s approach. It also means letting go of old patterns or plans when they no longer serve their purpose. By being adaptable, individuals can navigate life’s uncertainties with confidence and openness, actively shaping their path.

9. Engaging in Creative Pursuits

Engaging in creative pursuits allows individuals to express themselves and shape their reality in unique ways. Creativity isn’t limited to artistic talents; it encompasses any form of expression that brings joy and fulfilment. Whether it’s painting, writing, gardening, or coding, creative activities provide a sense of accomplishment and can be a powerful outlet for emotions and ideas. These pursuits often lead to new insights, experiences, and even career paths. By dedicating time to creativity, individuals can explore new aspects of themselves and impact their world through their unique expressions.

10. Making Financial Decisions with Long-term Goals in Mind

Financial decision-making with long-term goals in mind is a key way people create their reality. By managing their finances wisely, setting budgets, saving, and investing, individuals can secure their future and realize their dreams. This might involve planning for retirement, buying a home, or funding education. Wise financial decisions require discipline and foresight but can lead to significant rewards, such as financial independence, reduced stress, and the ability to afford experiences that enrich one’s life. By aligning financial decisions with long-term goals, individuals can build the foundation for the reality they aspire to live.

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