Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It

Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It - People Development Magazine
Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It - People Development Magazine

Our life is what our thoughts make it

Marcus Aurelius

Thoughts create our reality

One of the first clues I had which formed my understanding that our life is what our thoughts make it, was when my spiritual practice led me to identify what was going on within by looking out on my environment.  The teaching which I forget now was indicating to me that I was responsible for my world.  I remember in a period of great upset and emotional challenge, everything going wrong with my car.  The engine needed work. One after the other my tyres got flat.  Eventually, someone drove into the back of me.  I realised I was suppressing negative emotions which I was trying to tightly keep a lid on.   

Once I realised the car was responding to my negative emotions, I was able to release them.  If you don’t subscribe to the fact that our life is what our thoughts make it, you will find this a stretch to believe or understand. 

How reality is created

I am no expert on this, but quantum science has suggested there are a number of world scenario’s which are accessible to us.  There is a quantum field which is creating our world. This field will flex depending on what our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and feelings are telling it. I understood the link between my immediate outward environment and my inner thoughts. However, it still hadn’t dawned on me how important it was to actively encourage better feeling thoughts.  I didn’t know I needed to do much more inner work to break down limiting beliefs. 

I have come to understand that although I create my own immediate reality, the world is composed of a collective reality.  The collective thoughts, feelings and beliefs are creating the outer world.  I am part of this collective consciousness and so am able to begin to influence it through my own thoughts and feelings. 

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