Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success

Pablo Picasso

Without Action Little Will Happen

They say a pipe dream is an imagination without action, whereby a real goal will always include action.  The fact is action is the foundational key to all success.

You may have heard the fable whereby an older couple were trapped on the roof of their house during an extraordinary flood which was lapping around their feet.  The older man said to his wife, do not worry I have faith in God to save us.   So first of all the rescue team sent out a boat, and the old man said, “Go use the boat for someone else as God is looking after us”.  Then they sent a helicopter.  Again the old man waved them away resolute in his faith in God.   A few hours later their roof collapsed and the couple drowned.  Up in heaven, the old man still with his wife said to God.  Why did you not save us?  God replied, I sent a boat and a helicopter and you waved them away.

This is a somewhat obvious but illustrative example of when action was required to achieve success.  Wishful thinking on its own will do nothing and when nothing happens we realise action is the foundational key to getting what we want.

Vision and action

Sometimes it’s not just wishful thinking, we bury our heads in the sand.   There was a time in my life when I experienced some severe financial difficulties.  I thought I trusted that somehow my higher self would create success.  However,  I was not still clear that my lack of action was not so much about trust, but rather about denial.   When I lost everything, much like the older couple stuck on the roof, I asked myself “Where were you?”  Why did you not help me?”.

The answer came in a dream that night.  I was quoted a page and line in a book.  I woke with a start and immediately looked at the book my dream had guided me to.  The answer, in essence, told me that faith without action does not work.   The book?  The Bible, which I had never read.  The verse I was guided to James Chapter 2  – Verse 17 says: “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone”.

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