When designing a business logo, you want to create something that is timeless. You want to create something that reflects your brand and the values that your company holds dear.

No matter how much effort you put into creating a logo design that will last for the ages, you will need to tweak the logo every now and then to keep up with the changes in design trends. This is something that we see with even some of the most well-known brands on the planet. The basic design of their logo may stay the same, but some of the minor characteristics of it change to reflect what modern sensibilities of local design are.

Let’s take a look at some of the local trends for 2019 and see how they might impact your future logo design.

2019 Is the Year of Bright Colors

Vibrant combinations of eye-catching colors have been trending for the past few years, and it continues to be the trend into 2019. Bright colors are flexible and can be used with a number of brands. The nice thing about these colors is the way that they can influence the viewer’s emotions. Bright colors on their own are not enough to make a powerful logo, but when they are interlaced with traditional local design principles as well as some of the other trends we are going to discuss, they definitely have their place.

Most logo designers are staying away from 3-D colorful logos. They are opting for flat logos. This is a trend that has become a bedrock principle of logo design. A flat, brightly colored logo will still represent a company’s brand well if it must be reduced down to black and white.

Geometric Logo Designs

Geometric logos have been a mainstay of local design. Logos are designed to be symbolic or to represent some characteristic of the business. In the world of geometry, shapes have meanings. For example, when a person sees a triangle, they think of strength. A circle could engender feelings of completeness and eternity. A square represents stability.

One of the reasons why geometric logos are so popular now is because geometric shapes can easily be used to represent a simplified version of a more complex figure. This is good in logo design because logos are small but need to be readily identifiable or read. Geometric logos have the ability to capture a brand’s essence in a way that can be more memorable than a complex design.

Minimalist Logo Designs Are Here to Stay

The year 2019 has seen and will continue to see the creation of minimalist logo designs. When you search how to make a logo online, you are presented with a number of guides that teach minimalism.

The popularity of minimalist logos stems from an understanding of what a logo is designed to do. Logos should be memorable and simple. Think about the logos that you readily identify in your everyday life. It could be a simple swoosh or a bitten piece of fruit, yet it stays with you.

Companies want their logo to be recognized immediately, and they want people to be able to interpret the logo right away. An overly complicated logo does not achieve those goals. Minimalist local designs represent a leaning on the part of graphic designers toward restraint. It is a trend that leads toward a focus on simplicity and taking advantage of the elements that already exist, for example, in negative space.  Doing this allows you to design a memorable and recognizable logo that conveys your brand in an uncluttered manner.

Creative Logotypes Creating Art with Words

Creative logotypes are not necessarily new, but they have seen a resurgence in recent years. A creative logotype is where a company’s name or a brand’s name is written out in a unique, creative, and memorable way.

A subcategory of this is where illustrations are used as letter substitutes. The illustration that replaces the letter reminds the viewer of the letter while at the same time being meaningful to the overall logo design.

The Growing Popularity of Semi-Flat Logos

You may be able to give your logo a boost by creating a three-dimensional feel. Many logos give the impression of being lifted up off the page. One of the reasons why semi-flat logos are increasing in popularity is because of how nicely they look online.

Designers are able to create this fake 3-D appearance by using gradient colors to create shadow and simultaneously take advantage of a number of different angles. One of the reasons why we see a push toward this trend, especially in the world of technology, is that it conveys the idea of something being modern, up-to-date, and able to adapt quickly.

If you are looking to build a logo that is going to be with your business for decades to come, you do not want to be swayed by fads. At the same time, it is good to examine your logo from time to time and see how it matches up with current trends. The last thing that you want is for your logo to look outdated as this will affect the way your business is viewed.