2020, What a year. With the pandemic, directly and indirectly, impacting millions of people worldwide, there is no surprise that there have been a record number of people out of work.  Here we look at how making money from home at this time might be an option. 

With thousands of companies shutting their offices almost a year ago while moving their employees online, there will be some out there who unfortunately lost their jobs entirely. On the back of that, there are thousands of people who have been on furlough since the beginning of the pandemic, still living in limbo and uncertain as to when they will be heading back to work. 

While this is undoubtedly challenging for everyone emotionally and mentally, there are also financial concerns floating around too, and that is where we come in. If you have found yourself in a position where you cannot work your regular job due to being on furlough, or following redundancy, keep reading!  

Below is a helpful list of suggestions to try when wanting to boost your income, all from the comfort of your home.  

 1. Launch an E-Commerce Store

This is something that we are confident many of you have heard of, or perhaps, have seen during your time online shopping during the pandemic. Etsy, for example, saw an increase of 20 million people from 2019 to 2020, who had purchased something on the platform. 

Many people have monetised on their hobbies throughout lockdown, whether they already knew that they had these skills, or discovered them through the masses of spare time on their hands. Many have been creating artwork and have been selling them to customers through e-commerce stores and offering customers the opportunity to have customised pieces.  

What’s more, if you have found yourself on furlough, this is certainly a suggestion that could be carried beyond the pandemic, especially if you can fit it around the other aspects of your busy working life.  

2. Explore Employment Opportunities Available 

Different businesses and companies on the market provide employment opportunities for making money from home, to people like yourselves, who have found themselves with masses of free time, seemingly overnight. 

Whether you are reading this as someone who is looking to boost their income alongside living on furlough or to keep the motivation going following redundancy, this is undoubtedly a suggestion worth trying.  

Particularly if you are looking for flexibility and freedom with how you work, managing and running an enterprise from your home is a great place to start. You work entirely on your terms, and when you want to work. There is no expectation to work the standard 9 to 5 hours; you can fit a business opportunity like this around the other responsibilities in your life, while further boosting your income. What more could you want? 

There are many companies that are now offering individuals all the tools they need to start-up in specific sectors. Star Whitening are just one example of a business that is providing those at home with the opportunity to start a teeth whitening business. Providing all the necessary equipment, a full training course and support as needed, you could be bringing in those extra pennies in no time! Some of these companies are highly customer focused and so will require a quality level of customer service to be passed on to new clients. Star Whitening for example will require an interview process to ensure quality control measures will be followed.

3. Try Online Tutoring 

This is an excellent suggestion for those who are skilled in subjects that often require extra assistance. While most have been working from home, it is worth sparing a moment for those who are studying, for they have had to transition from the physical classroom to the virtual ones.  

Exploring the available options, when considering tutoring, gives you just as much freedom as our previous suggestions do as well. You can work on your terms and create a rapport with the tutee that you are working with. 

You will be helping someone who needs extra guidance and assistance while earning yourself some extra income. It sounds rather fulfilling to us!  

We hope that these few suggestions have been helpful and have inspired you on ways to boost your income by making money from home during this challenging time. It is worth reminding yourself, that the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching; this situation won’t last forever.  

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