Marketing has changed in these last two decades, especially for car dealerships. It has all moved digital. Traditionally, there had always been things dealerships did outside of the digital realm of marketing that have worked, and, in many cases, still do. But fast forward to the present day, the most effective way to truly grow your car dealership business you have a strong digital presence. Digital marketing is a gold mine of qualified leads in every industry. It allows a dealership to highlight its industry authority, and project results, and build relationships with potential clients.

Establish Industry Authority

This is key when it comes to car sales. What kind of cars do you sell? Which brands do you have in your inventory? What price range of cars do you prefer to sell? Try to hone in your niche, because understanding is critical to converting a lead.

Everything in digital marketing is built off the customer’s understanding of your digital profile, marketing campaigns, audience building, and everything on social media. It all comes down to industry authority. So, start there. For instance, if your business model is selling sports utility vehicles; your focus should be something along that line.

Build a Strong Social Presence

There is a non-zero chance your car dealership is on social media in some way, shape, or form. But you can’t expect much from mentions and random links to your website, and call it a day. You are going to want to dominate social media in your industry – you need some structure.

Outline your goals down to the specifics that can be measured, achieved, relevant to your dealership, and time-bound. This element is going to be key since the audience you are targeting are people interested in the niche of cars that you are selling, and they are going to want to see this content and continual content. It is so easy, but so overlooked, and a great way to develop a lead flow.

Design Highly Convertible Blog, Social Media Posts and Implement Email Marketing

Your website and social media profile in your 24/7 sales team – they never call in sick and can sell to 1000 people at a time, with a perfect pitch. You want your brand’s digital content to convert, yet all competitors want to do just that. And that’s a huge challenge for marketers. Another great idea is to consider digital marketing. By using an auto dealer email list, you will be able to significantly boost the revenue of your business.

The secret is creating engaging yet relevant content that attracts the right audience and converts them into customers in the long run. People are going to turn to your website and social media profile for research. Power tip here; only publish content that is mobile-friendly, because 80% of your potential customers are looking at your posts on mobile, on the go. Some ideas with your social media: post a lot of videos.

Post a Lot of Videos

Videos are key – they are an integral part of every social media platform, and they are having a major moment on every platform right now. If you want your car dealership to grow online, it’s time to start producing video content of your current inventory.

Your cars will get more exposure since video content typically performs better on most algorithms based on the simple fact that they capture the viewer’s attention longer. Besides, video content can be repurposed across multiple platforms. The videos will help your audience develop a relationship with your dealership, so they’re going to think of you first.

Use a CRM Software

CRM is an essential part of digital marketing today, and for car dealerships, it is an extremely powerful tool because you can store all customer information, leads, and prospects. Customer Relationship Management software will help you maximize communication and sales efforts.

Consolidating all your lead data into one easily accessible location, classified to the stage in the conversion funnel, will help your dealership’s marketing team standardize the sale process with a step-by-step roadmap for closing deals. This level of access to data on customer interest and behaviour is critical to pursuing worthwhile opportunities.

Final Words

The good news is that a digital marketing campaign doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive for your car dealership – often, the simplest, authentic concepts drive the most sales. In any case, the more modern you are – the more you’re going to sell.