If you own a luxury brand, you will know that packaging can be just as vital as the product itself. With packaging becoming more extravagant, the proper packaging for your luxury brand can help you sell your products and build a better reputation. Here’s how.


When a customer walks down the street with a product from your store, they will be advertising that to every consumer walking past. This means that your packaging, including the bag itself, needs to look good, be eye-catching, and articulate your brand message. For luxury brands, luxury packaging is key to showing off your products and improving brand reputation- as luxury brands need luxury packaging.

When searching for luxury packaging suppliers, you need a company with the knowledge and experience to create suitable packaging for your brand. Maxipos has worked with luxury brands such as L’Occitane and Elemis. They can assist you in creating custom packaging for your luxury brand, including folding cartons, e-commerce boxes, and carrier bags and totes.

Brand Recognition

If you consider the most prominent brands out there like Apple, Chanel, or Tiffany & Co., you would be able to recognise them instantly from their packaging. While a social media campaign can help get your branding out to the masses, your packaging must be memorable. It also needs to be consistent with the rest of your brand, so customers can easily recognise it.

Make sure your packaging includes three key things: your logo, your brand name, and a key message. Choosing the right font and colour scheme is another way to ensure your packaging stands out from others online or in shops. For more information on packaging your product, check out this helpful article.

The Luxury Experience

Creating a memorable luxury experience is part and parcel of a luxury brand. From the moment they step foot into your store to the moment they get home and open the product, a good luxury brand comes with an experience. Unboxing has become a noticeably big part of this.

Similarly, if you have an e-commerce store, the moment the customer receives your product, you want to create that exciting unboxing experience. Creating Instagram-worthy packaging will encourage customers to promote your brand on social media, which is a great marketing strategy.

Stand Out

Having a brand that stands out from others will help drive sales and traffic to your store. There is a lot of competition out there, and if you sell your products in other stores, you need packaging that will catch the customer’s eye. When the shelves are crowded with related products, the packaging could be a dealbreaker. When creating your packaging, scope out your competition to ensure your packaging is unique.

Luxury brands require a luxury experience, from packaging to product. Choosing the proper packaging for your luxury brand is essential for brand recognition and is a great marketing technique. It can also help you stand out from the competition.

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