Cycling has been a popular pastime for generations, particularly with children revelling in the freedom it gives. Although many people give up cycling when they start to drive, it’s more than just a way of getting from A to B. If you’re one of the people considering switching the stress of the commute for a bike ride into the office, here are five reasons why you should get on your bike and start cycling to work.

Exercise Done

Finding time to fit a workout into your day can be a challenge but cycling into work means you’ve got your heart rate up and calories burned before your workday begins. Morning exercise has plenty of benefits, including increased alertness which is ideal for setting you up for the day. Not only will you be getting fit, but you’ll be also on top of your game at work!


If you’ve previously commuted to work on public transport, you’ll know the frustrations that can come with delays and cancellations. One of the advantages of cycling to work is that you are not at the mercy of buses and trains. No more fitting your work schedule around transport timetables – when you cycle, you take back control.

Helping the Environment

We’re all aware of the impact our travel has on the environment and travelling to work by bike is a wonderful way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. If you are looking for a way to reduce your fuel consumption and the pollution that goes alongside that, cycling is one solution.

Safe, Scenic Routes

Travelling by bike allows you to deviate from the beaten track. Whether you cycle through woodland, parks or by road, you can mix up your commute to suit your mood and take in the view as you pedal to work. Furthermore, many towns and cities now have designated cycle routes, making a safer route for anyone travelling by bike – cycling accidents are more common on rural roads than on cycle paths. If you do ever need to make a cycling accident claim, you can contact a personal injury solicitor who will be able to use their specialist knowledge to help you through the process.

Cost Effective

Although the initial outlay of buying a bike can seem expensive, there are ways you can find a cycle that is within your budget. Check out local selling sites to find people looking to rehome their pre-loved cycle – you could pick up a real bargain, or even a freebie! Companies are keen to make a positive environmental impact and larger employers may be part of the Government’s cycle-to-work scheme. This allows you to pay for a bike in instalments and as payment is directly taken from your wages, it is tax-exempt. Remember, you’ll also be saving on fuel costs or fares long term, too.

Making the move to cycling to work could be one of the most positive changes you make, benefitting your health and the environment. Happy cycling!

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