Competition is fierce in many industries. Undoubtedly there is a global worker shortage. Countless employers can be fighting for the same talent in a shrinking pool. In the construction industry alone, 85% of respondents in a workforce survey analysis said they had open positions. A further 88% struggled to fill them. While you may not be able to solve a talent shortage, you may put your business in a better position to avoid its direct impact. Take these actions to potentially attract more employees:

Advertise in the Right Places

You might have the most desirable job opening with countless perks, but that doesn’t mean you’ll attract the right employees. Be where the most talented people are. This can mean advertising construction jobs on dedicated construction job vacancy websites. You might also work with recruitment companies who can seek out suitable applicants.

While there’s nothing wrong with notice boards and general job seeker websites, you may have more luck finding the right people to fill specialized positions when you advertise them where those people are looking.

Stand Out from Your Competition

If you offer everything your competition does and nothing extra, you’re on a level playing field at best. As a result, you may struggle to obtain applicants. There is nothing wrong with offering the same perks as your competition.

Still, consider offering something your competitors don’t to potentially enjoy more applicants. By taking this approach, you may be an applicant’s preferred choice. As a result, you may enjoy more potential employees to choose from.

Be Competitive

Job seekers often seek new employment opportunities to receive more than they did in their current or past jobs. That ‘more’ can be in terms of salary, wages, vacation time, or other benefits. If you’re struggling to attract new employees, review your competition and see how your offerings compare. You may attract more potential talent simply by offering more than they are.

Prioritize Flexibility

Many people are now searching for jobs with employers who value work-life balance. Most people no longer want to live to work; they want to work to live. With that in mind, think about how you could show potential employees that you value work-life balance. This might involve introducing flexible working hours or allowing office-based employees to work from home.

While beneficial for employees, it’s not uncommon for employers to also benefit. You may enjoy a happier, more productive team by introducing more flexible working arrangements for your current and future employees.

Create Employee Referral Programs

You may not be having much luck recruiting new talent from traditional avenues, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle to fill your vacant positions. Create an employee referral program that relies on your already loyal team. You can use incentives and rewards to encourage employees to ask around their networks and find desirable candidates for you. Cash bonuses will surely be appreciated by those who have given years of faithful service to your business.

Attracting new employees in a global worker shortage is undoubtedly challenging. Still, you have options for avoiding the same challenges as other companies. Try incentives, competitive packages, and new job advertisement platforms to potentially enjoy a faster, smoother, and more straightforward hiring process.