Managing People

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Managing People

Managing People includes helping employees engage and do their job with excellence by developing them.  Managing a team of people well means understanding how people tick as well as understanding how to get the best out of them.

Sometimes managers are natural motivators and are instinctively good at getting good results through their team.  Managers can be  in the role because they have a specialism, or they know how to get results in a particular line of work.  However, all managers have room to improve the way they manage their people and the work.

Management Development

There are so many aspects to being a great manager, its sometimes difficult to really articulate the myriad tasks and situations a manager has to tackle. So management development can take many forms.

Some of the more common forms of management development include learning about performance both measuring and managing. Also learning how to motivate and help get the best out the team, as well as some basic HR practices.

Team Building

Team Building is a fundamental practise when managing people.  Whether you have a team of 3 or 300, it needs to function effectively.  With great team spirit, synchronistic results can take place.

Like management development, team building can take a number of forms.  Myers Briggs is a great tool, and there are many out there.

Performance Management

Being able to measure and manage the performance of tasks products and processes is key to being a good manager.  Understanding how the team or individuals in the team are performing is one of the most important roles for a manager.

Performance can include measures of, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness.  It can also include behaviours and outcomes for individual and teams.

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