Updating the physical workspace

When did you last refresh your physical workspace? If you can’t recall or it feels like ages ago, it might be time to rethink its design.

Recent years have seen a surge in research delving into the impact of the physical work environment on employees. The findings are eye-opening, underscoring the urgency for employers to prioritize workspace design.

In this discussion, we’ll explore the benefits of investing in a physical workspace for your employees and highlight key considerations for an optimal setup.

How can the physical workplace affect employees?

The work environment can have a surprising effect on your employee’s well-being. Poor lighting can give them physical health problems such as headaches, causing them to take more sick days. Similarly, poor air quality can also be a major concern for their health.

These are just some of the things which can impact your workers. A poor working environment is known to decrease morale and lower productivity and motivation. So, if your employees have been performing poorly, it could have to do with their physical working environment.

Does your workspace provide catering?

One thing you might not have considered in the workplace is catering. Do your employees have a dedicated area to eat their lunch? If not, they could end up eating at their work desk which is known to be detrimental to productivity.

At the very least you’ll want a comfortable staff room your employees can relax in. However, if you want to keep them happy, it’s worth considering investing in catering equipment. That way, you’ll be able to serve up healthy, nutritious meals on-site. You can pick up affordable yet professional catering equipment from companies such as JLA.

Boosting employee comfort

One of the most important things to focus on is your employee’s comfort levels. This is what is going to impact how efficient and productive they are. Ensure any office chairs provided are made of exceptional quality and they’re comfortable enough to be used for hours. Alternatively, you could also consider adding standing desks into the workplace to encourage your employees to move around more.

Natural lighting, plants and flowers and a comfortable seating area are also other great ways to boost comfort in the workplace.

Comfortable restrooms with high-quality toilet partitions are also essential in office spaces as they provide privacy and comfort for employees using restroom facilities. They create a sense of personal space, ensuring that employees can relieve themselves in a discreet and relaxed environment, contributing to their overall well-being and productivity at work.

Another important factor that should be considered to make the workplace more comfortable is flexibility. As studies show, workers mostly prefer flexible workspaces, where they aren’t restricted by boundaries and have a space to move. Thus, to ensure a productive workspace with all the above-mentioned amenities, many business owners often give preference to office space rentals. Henceforth, if you are looking for office space in a location with a healthy and happy working environment you should consider Seattle office space for rent, as the city is among the 10 top places having the best life-work balance. Besides, Seattle is among the top coworking cities in the USA.

Ask your employees what they want

Of course, the best way to make sure your physical workspace is good for your employees is to ask them what they want. What do they feel will boost their comfort and satisfaction in the working environment?

Overall, it’s easy to dismiss how important the physical workspace can be to your employees. The above are just some of the things you can do to ensure your working environment encourages health, productivity and motivation.

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