The Universe was created from small particles, molecules, which scattered like sparks to all corners of the Universe and created planets, stars, constellations. There is a particle of the Great Spirit in all living things, which lives and breathes together with everything. The Great Spirit was interested in building new worlds, and without his helpers, this was not possible. And the Great Spirit created helpers for himself – small Spirits, who are now everywhere, wherever you turn your gaze. For the Spirit to control the course of events harmoniously, to control the small Spirits, it needed to create the Big Great Spirits, which are the spiritual elements of the Universe.

The spirits of the universe

1. Spirit of Earth

What a powerful and stable state can arise in you when you think of this spiritual element of the Universe.  Strength, courage. Look at the mountains, at the volcanoes, at the very soil, at the earth – this wonderful and majestic Spirit reigns in everything, which from ancient times passed on health to people. This is where the secret of health is kept. And where does a person look for health? In lies.

… Step consciously on the ground on which you walk every day. Let the strength; power enter your feet. Breathe health. Breathe confidence. Finally, breathe in the meaning of life! All this is done by the Spirit of the Earth Element, created by me.

2. Spirit of Water

With your thoughts, plunge for a moment into the beautiful drops of a waterfall – this is the Spirit of the element of Water. What a powerful state of flexibility and, at the same time, the force of attraction this Spirit possesses. After all, it was not for nothing that the kings possessed magical powers to rule their state and even the whole world in ancient times. Remember the pharaohs. Nobody could interfere with their policy.

The power of the element of Water owns magical abilities, which are revealed only to a few. Go to the sea, to the river or the waterfall, chat with the element of Water. What does she tell you? Hear this Spirit, render him the service of your sincere attention, and then you will understand that you can control this element.

3. Spirit of Fire

The forests are burning; the earth is burning. The Fire Release is in revolt. This spirit is very disappointed with the behaviour of people. Nobody remembers him. This isn’t good. The Spirit of Fire is a powerful cosmic stream, pouring out either into negative or an all-pervading positive of forces and energy. All over the world, you lack strength. Where are they? I created the fatigue syndrome for you, which you talk about with such pride. Does no one wonder why this was created? Where to look for the reason?

Go to the forest, light a small fire and look at it. See sparks flickering before your eyes – this is where this power is hidden. Everything is so easy but so difficult for you. Man has forgotten about his inner existence, about the essence within. Connect with the element of Fire and allow this beautiful, strong, active Spirit to enter you finally. And finally, allow yourself to curb this Spirit and become successful.

4. Spirit of Air

Tornadoes, hurricanes .. Spirit of the Element of Air! The spirit spreads at the speed of light, trying to reach people’s hearts. The power of thought, the power of will, the power of concentration – everything is lost, everything is forgotten. Remember this, and clarity will manifest in you. The Spirit of Air Release allows you to understand that you can control all thoughts running through your head – dark, heavy, having the power to bring a person even to death.

Stand up and turn to the Spirit of Air –  Release, ask for help! And you will see how everything changes and how the wind inside you calms down and harmonizes; the mind calms down. And the Air Spirit becomes your friend.

5. Spirit of Ether

By combining all the elements within yourself, a secret will be revealed to you: the Spirit of the Element of Ether – the Spirit of harmony, creativity, knowledge of oneself, knowledge of all living things in this Universe – opens its existence. Not everyone can become a subject of this Spirit. It must be earned. Constantly working on themselves, having all the Spirits of the elements to help and turning to the Highest, they will be able to open for you the opportunity to see the Spirit of Ether, created by me.

May these secrets of the spiritual elements of the Universe be revealed only to those who hear me!  I, the Spirit of the entire Universe, bow before the human creation. We are one.

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