If you are looking for some help along your spiritual path, I firmly believe you will be guided along the way by your intuition.  Your intuition will call you to the exact information, whether it be a book, a video, a situation or a person.  I’ve repeatedly recommended books to clients, friends or family only to get a polite “thank you”.  Although there have been some “aha” moments, I find that everyone has a deep knowledge of what they need and what has worked for me isn’t necessarily what others need. Indeed, I think you are the only person who will be able to select what you need to deepen your spiritual growth.

We are here to learn

I don’t know about you, but my whole life experience has been about learning.  I would say that life on this planet only makes sense if you conclude we are here to learn, and our experiences here help deepen your spiritual growth.  Why do we have challenging circumstances? To learn how to traverse them, growing emotional intelligence and thinking skills.  Why do we live in a world of opposites?  If we did not have contrast, how could we decide what works and what doesn’t?  Without difference, how could we choose?   What is love, and why are we seeing not love?  Because we have decided to view the world through our ego, which is the opposite to love.  And the list goes on and on.

Find your method to deepen your spiritual growth

As mentioned earlier, everyone has their way of learning.  My preferred way of learning has always been through books.  When I was about 5 or 6, my parents took me to the local library.  I can remember the magical excitement I felt when I walked into the book-lined rooms.  Even then, my soul was excited about what I was to learn.  For many years, I read around five books every week.  I went through many phases, in the early years mainly reading fiction from famous writers like Catherine Cookson, and later on, my favourite Susan Howatch.

Since I began my spiritual journey, I have found I read philosophical, spiritual or self-awareness books.  I sometimes listen to books, as well as read them.  For you, you might prefer to watch movies or learn through experiences.  Whatever it is, ask your intuition to guide you to what you need and in what format.

My top 10 most impactful spiritual books

What follows are my top 10 books that have impacted me and helped me to grow spiritually substantially.  Of course, I’ve read hundreds of books, and these are some of my favourite and most memorable ones.

1. The Road Less Travelled – M Scott Peck

This was the first book that took me back to God.

Part one was about psychology setting out techniques and observations about our mental states, such as narcissism and character disorders. When I opened up Part Two, when the penny dropped, I realised God was the missing jigsaw piece in my life. Scott Peck perfectly links psychology and God.

This is a great book to deepen your spiritual growth by gathering insights into your psyche and your connection to God.

2. One Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla began writing books about spirituality for both men and women predominately in her black community.  I first discovered Iyanla on the Oprah Winfrey show and was hooked.

When I received her book through the post, I remember feeling excited because I knew it would help me get in touch with my soul.   I read this book dozens of times.  Iyanla’s writings are autobiographical, and her early struggles with life, which were made sense of by listening to the God within her, her higher self, was inspirational to me.

Ilyana’s book helped me realise that my higher self /intuition would allow me to solve some of the big questions about the suffering in my life and reinforced my belief in a God within.

3. The Heart of the Soul – Gary Zukav

This unusual and groundbreaking book by Gary Zukav was the first to introduce me to the idea that your emotions are not what we think.  He explores the notion that becoming aware of our feelings and, in particular, emotional pain can be transformational.  The book demonstrates how we are afraid of our emotions and distract ourselves by keeping busy, using addictive behaviour, or avoiding our feelings.

What I realised by reading this book is that emotions do not necessarily mean anything about me. It was not an indictment on me when I felt full of pain, nor was it a signal to run away from my emotions.  The truth is that emotions are a guidance system from our soul telling us if we are on the right track or not.  Whenever we have a negative emotion, we must pay attention because we tell ourselves something that isn’t true about ourselves or others.  A stretch indeed and essential teaching to deepen your spiritual growth.

4. The Vortex – Esther and Jerry Hicks

This excellent teaching from Esther and Jerry Hicks is primarily about creating what A Course Miracle would describe as “holy relationships”.  What this means is that only soul to soul relationships have any chance of being successful.  To achieve soul to soul relationships, you have to be “in the vortex.”

Esther Hicks is a channel for a supernatural being named Abraham.  In reality, Abraham is representative of the universal wisdom or higher self we all have access to.  The wisdom which is channelled is just too sophisticated to be untrue.  Based on the principles of the law of attraction, Abraham brings a soul perspective to any situation.  The vortex describes the practice of being, thinking and acting from a soul level.  We have to choose to enter the vortex actively.  In other words, we need to select the thought system of our higher self rather than that of the ego.

5. A Course in Miracles – Helen Schucman

I remember reading about A Course in Miracles in around 2000.  When I bought it,  I discovered I could not concentrate on more than a paragraph or two.  I then consigned it to my bookshelf for eight years before My intuition led me to pick it up again.  A Course in Miracles is a channelled book by New York psychologist Helen Schucman over ten years, culminating in the publication in 1975.

A Course in Miracles turns our egoist concept of the world upside down.  It is a heavyweight in spiritual teachings.  The main aim of the learning is to help us to practice forgiveness.  To realise that anything of the ego isn’t real, and our reality is we are spiritual beings.  When you forgive the ego and realise you can change your inner teacher to the “holy spirit” or your higher self, miracles occur because you are operating from your soul and love. A Course in Miracles is one of the game-changing teachings that will deepen your spiritual growth and set you free.

6. The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard

In my view, Neville Goddard was a modern-day Mystic.  His deep spiritual insights are genuinely life-changing.  In the power of awareness, Neville discusses how consciousness creates your life.  Awareness then is the power to be able to understand what you are making.  If what you see doesn’t work for you or isn’t what you want, you need to change what you think and feel about the world.  Then your world will change.

This book underlines the causal link between your thought and consciousness and the world around you.  What Neville made me understand was there was no world doing things to me. Instead, the world was created by my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  The upshot of this teaching shows that taking full responsibility for your experience gives you the freedom to create the life you want.

7. The Book of Secrets – Deepak Chopra

This book reveals 15 secrets that any spiritual seeker will become aware of in the course of their search. The first secret, “The Mystery of Life is Real”, confirmed everything that had led me to this particular teaching.  Firstly life was a mystery, and that the magic and organisation of the universe was in play.  All of the secrets challenge your current beliefs about the world and turn them on their head.  “The Universe Breaths Through You”, another mystery, confirmed all of my learning that there is nothing outside of you.

Each secret felt right. They endorsed the idea that we are spiritual beings. If we could live our lives with spirituality as our identity, we would be true to ourselves.  The book confirmed some of the hints and teachings I had learned but wasn’t sure were true.

For me, this is mystical teaching which takes you to the heart of spirituality and our spiritual nature.

8. The Wisdom of Your Cells – Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton’s work on cellular biology is groundbreaking, bringing science and spirituality closer together.  Bruce shows how our thoughts and beliefs impact our cells to shape our world and create our reality.  The teaching here is about how we are creators and not victims of the world.  All of the wisdom of the universe is in our cells.  Bruce teaches we can overcome our DNA to change our world if we change our beliefs and story about the world.

Every single one of trillions of cells in our body has divine wisdom and are intelligent.  Our cells are a complete demonstration of our spiritual nature in that they contain universal knowledge. They work for the greater good in our bodies and collaborate to promote life.  Whatever we are thinking, believing or feeling is impacting our cells. They take that information in and shape our lives.

One of our jobs is to listen to the wisdom of our cells. We can develop self-awareness of what our body is telling us via our inner intelligence when we do.

9. Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting – Lynn Grabhorn

Lynn Grabhorn’s upbeat book based on the Law of Attraction and drawn from the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks was a game-changer for me.  Although I was aware that our thoughts and feelings created our world, habitual thinking and the resulting emotions were still on autopilot.   What this book teaches quite clearly is negative thinking and the associated feelings are negatively creating our world. Without a doubt, one of the factors which will deepen your spiritual growth will be the ability to manage your thoughts and feelings.

With lots of exercises and examples of how and when to pivot our thinking to be more positive, I found this book to change the thinking patterns I’d followed for most of my life.  I realised how unhelpful and destructive worrying could be.  When the world brought lemons; I had to make lemonade, quickly and emphatically.

This book teaches you to manage your thoughts in your mind.  Eliminating unhelpful negativity and pivoting to positive or solution-orientated thinking and, therefore, relief from negative emotions helps you stay plugged into your higher self.  This, in turn, improves our experience of our life in this world.

10. The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer

This brilliant spiritual text by Michae Singer puts our lives in perspective.  Whenever we get overwhelmed by the world and our lives, Michael has numerous anecdotes.  He describes how vast the universe is and how tiny and minuscule we are in relation.  If we are so insignificant and in such a vast universe, why worry?  His teaching is about detaching from the world and seeing it from a soul perspective.

He teaches we are not actors on the world stage. We are observers, and we can detach from the world if we become less attached to our stories about the world. We can reduce unnecessary suffering and live more freely and lightly.

The simplicity of the ideas in this book is refreshing.  It will deepen your spiritual growth by showing you how to let go of the insignificant issues and worries. It is about living life from the perspective of your soul.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my top 10 most impactful books, which will help to deepen your spiritual growth.  Which books have helped you grow in awareness and spiritual maturity? Please share with readers by commenting below.

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