To lead really well, to engage your people and get the best out of them, then you must be able to lead from your higher self.   If you suspect you might not be leading from your higher self, then you have no chance of being a leader who inspires and helps your team to excel.  As a leader, you have to ask yourself “Is your ego in charge?”

In my leadership development model, I set out 4 characteristics which combined together create a leader who operates from their higher self.   These are:

A leader who instils these characteristics must learn to let go of the ego thought system.  Otherwise, without being aware the ego can be in charge and running the show.

The ego thought system

Many leaders do not have sufficient self-awareness to realise that they and everyone around them operate from two thought systems.  The higher self and the ego thought system.  When a leader operates from the ego thought system without doubt the internal compass is geared to three main states these are:

  • Fear
  • Lack of self-love
  • Guilt

This might surprise you, but mostly these states are pretty unconscious and so often we don’t know that we are acting on a thought system which is limiting in terms of embracing life, taking risks or being open. However, if you are not achieving success, if you are not inspiring your team, or if you lack conviction or confidence about your leadership skills then very likely your ego is in charge.

When the ego is in charge

So how do you know when the ego is in charge?  To be frank, unless you have a great deal of self-awareness. Unless you understand what is meant by unity consciousness, then you likely don’t.  However, even without this level of consciousness, on a level, you always know.  You know because you don’t feel good when you are leading with ego.   Here are some of the ways you might be able to pick up when you are.

  • You judge others, and feel bad, even though you feel justified.
  • You like to blame someone when things go wrong, and you don’t feel good about it.
  • You sometimes just don’t know what to do, you know you have options but you are confused and lack confidence about the right course of action to take.
  • You have a negative voice inside you which just frankly gets you down and sometimes dictates your course of action or behaviour.
  • You are constantly stressed and worn down and you simply feel under constant pressure.

Leading from your higher self

You probably do lead from your higher self sometimes.  There will be times when you are in the flow, you feel good and you know just what to do.   But if you aren’t able to choose to be in your higher self then you probably need to raise your conscious awareness.  You can do this by understanding your true nature and stripping away much of the programming the world chooses to give us.   The beginnings of being in your higher self are found in soft skills.  Then as your awareness grows, so does your confidence.  Suddenly you are confident about the decisions you have to make.  You’re aware of the choices you have to respond to any situation.  You are inspiring and get the best out of people.

Which would you choose?

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