One of the pillars of my leadership model is unity consciousness. The art of unity is a state of being that many people simply don’t know how to attain. While some people naturally understand and operate under a knowing we are all connected.  Wise leaders often consciously or unconsciously behave and act through a unity consciousness. Many times I hear leaders wish to operate their business “As one” but have no idea how to achieve a sense of oneness. 

Quantum physics

Quantum physics has shown that our physical world is simply made up of waves and particles of energy. There is nothing physical about us or the world we live in, we and everything around us are simply pulsating energy. As fields of energy, we are all connected.>Young’s double-slit experiment can sound complicated. it demonstrates that light can be both waves and particles. On a quantum level whether light shows up as a wave or a particle depends on the observer. Therefore how we look at things can affect energy. When we look at our world, the people in it and our environment through the lens of unity consciousness then we change the energy and break down the duality which appears to separate us all.

Developing the art of unity

It’s ok to believe we are all separate and indeed that’s how we show up. We have levels of diversity. There are protected characteristics such as ethnicity, disability, and gender for example. We are just beginning to understand neurodiversity and the complexity of how our brains all work differently. Our personalities are unique and we all process information differently, respond and make decisions differently. Our worldviews are cemented by our preferences and our experiences which lead to a myriad of beliefs about who we are as humans and how we should live our lives.>Unity consciousness though asks us to put aside all of our differences and concentrate on those features of life which we have in common. To be able to perceive the truth of what we have in common is the beginning of unity consciousness.

The characteristics of unity consciousness

There are several characteristics which if we focus on can be inclusive, acknowledge our connection, and value everyone as one race, the human race. If you wish to pursue a unity consciousness then here are some ideas you may wish to consider.

1. We are all connected

We are all connected by energy and what we think believe and act in impacts all energy in the world. Therefore our thoughts and beliefs will seep out into the world no matter what.  

2. Our operating systems have the same components

Our operating systems all have the same basic components in that we have a brain, we feel, we think and we respond depending on the lens of our experiences and beliefs. We have hearts which can experience great joy and love and extreme hurt and misery.

3. We can all learn and change

Our brains have the benefit of neuroplasticity and indeed are wired to learn. Learning about ourselves, and making changes to help our lives and our environments work better are natural human drives.

4. A single unifying energy

We all are made from one single energy which is the energy of love. Our lives are shaped to the extent we allow or extend love and kindness in our experience. Our conclusions about the world will be coloured by the levels of our natural energy of love we will allow or extend. No matter what the question is, love is the answer.  That sounds like a stretch, but it is true.

5. We all want to matter

One of the most prevalent desires of our human existence is that we want to matter.  In a workplace, there are inherent needs, the need to belong, to feel safe, to make a difference and to be valued.  Wise leaders who operate the art of unity, understand that supporting employees to fulfil these needs despite the appearance of division will better create a sense of unity. 

What this means for leaders

We are all learning and growing and existing in a world which appears to be separate when in fact we are joined at the highest level. Understanding this has profound impacts on the way we relate to each other. Whether we demonstrate acts of love and unity or acts of fear and division will determine the experience we have in the world.

As leaders, we are acting from our higher self when we blur the lines of division. This can be done by understanding the struggle all humans are experiencing. We recognise the commonality we all have at the heart of who we are. We seek to first understand others. By so seeking we are extending our love and kindness rather than increasing the idea of separation and fear. By continuing to practice the art of unity we can make a substantial impact on the lives of our team, community and our families. 

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