Movement is the meaning of all life. Everything moves light and darkness, truth and lies, day and night, life and death, trees and stars, clouds and even people. Everything is in a beautiful dance. And as already mentioned, everything dances, even people. You can connect to your heart through dance.

But for some reason, people forgot about the dance. The existence of a person still makes us remember about movement, about life. And so instead of dancing we began to smoke, drink alcohol, use various chemical preparations or distract ourselves negatively.  While these activities are movements and they create reality, they don’t create the reality that was intended.

What is movement after all?

In ancient times, sages used various kinds of techniques that allowed them to connect to the Higher Forces, while making special movements with their arms, legs, and whole body, which allowed them to always be in a healthy state, always connected to the Highest. Such people can be called Shamans. They possessed a very ancient deep method that was not known to ordinary people.

In our times, there are Shamans who preserve knowledge. They are trying to transfer this knowledge to other people. But even these Shamans are very sick. They have disconnected from the Cosmos, from the Highest. They mechanically continue to practice, heal people, not knowing what burden they bring upon themselves.

To be a shaman is to be a healer, to be a guide of God. Who on Earth is such a pure guide now? Almost no one is. Everyone has forgotten about the Highest. But this was originally planned. The Great Spirit of the Universe is very disappointed. Now it is He who allows a small handful of people to start awakening. The spirit of the Universe will begin to transmit to special people the lost knowledge, which is so necessary for all people on the planet.

Dance is a special kind of connection to the Higher Forces

Ask yourself: “What is a dance for me? Just shaking hands and feet? ” This is a big misconception. Dance is an ancient method when the inner essence of a person, during special movements and with special chants, could connect to the Highest and heal itself, fill itself with the pure, emerald energy of the Cosmos.

And now, for a start, just plunge into yourself, listen to yourself and you will hear what you have not heard all your life. But this “something” knocked on you, addressed you, spoke to you – this is your HEART. And as a shaman, you are obliged to have constant contact with your heart. This is your Helper Spirit.

Stand up straight. Your head touches the heavens, and your feet are on the strong shoulders of the entire universe. You are one.

Direct your attention to your legs, arms, and head. Three points of attention. How do you feel?

Yes, exactly, your treasure is you! It is your body, your mind, your emotions, your heart, after all.


Start stomping your feet as hard as if the entire universe was beginning to tremble. You stomp and stomp and stomp. Everything shudders.

Feel how at this moment the crazy energy of stability and the power of belief in yourself begins to enter into you. But you just stamp your feet and connect to your heart through dance.

Stomp like this for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or maybe a whole hour. Just shake the entire Universe with your powerful body. And feel how She begins to respond to you with strength, power, stability. This is what you missed so much!

Surrender yourself to this simple movement, but so deep. You may even have tears in your eyes, as you finally begin the path to yourself, you turn to yourself, to your heart. Simple as that.

Nobody tells you to become a Shaman. But the whole Cosmos wants you to remember yourself.  Maybe to connect to your heart through dance.

That’s all for a start.

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The world has been created in such a way that a person simply needs to start taking care of himself, the search for truth, the search for himself.

My path began so long ago .. The pathway is long, covered with knowledge, powerful practices and, most importantly, deep experience, which finally allowed me to realize that the world of Spirits is everywhere! It is within us. It is outside us. Spirits speak to us, Spirits sing with us, Spirits only strive to help each of us.

Dear friends!

My appeal to you as potential shamans. And not only shamans, but also as healers of human souls. Our pathway is one: to unite a person with himself. But, most importantly, this path must begin with ourselves.

Spirits began guiding me from the age of seventeen. Learning has been going on all these years. Communication is continuous, communication is deep. The spirits have taught me throughout these years of my life. I tried to understand why I was sick, why people around me were sick. Why do people break down family relationships? And the most painful question for me was: why do children get sick?

I have two amazing little shamans growing up. It turns out that they tirelessly communicate with the Nature: with trees, with the sea, with animals – with such respect, with such great inspiration ..

As a shaman, I pray and appeal to all, all people:

Let’s start striving inside ourselves!
Let’s start singing for ourselves!
Let’s start loving ourselves!

Always in love with you, Sheykhala Doreman

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