Wellness resolutions for entrepreneurs

It’s a new decade, and lots of people are reflecting on their personal and professional achievements over the last 10 years so they can make new goals moving forward. Many entrepreneurs are getting inspired not only to improve their business but also their personal health and wellness.  Feeling good about your business but could use a boost in your wellness this year? Here are some wellness resolutions which might help.

1. Improve personal health by diminishing workplace stress

It’s no secret that work is a big source of stress. Even if your business makes you excited to get up every day, it will also stress you out more than you think. If you want to improve your health and well-being, it’s important to address those sources of stress so that you can be at your most productive and happy in the office, whether you work from home by yourself or lead a team at a traditional office space.

You might not have given much thought to your company’s workplace culture before, or consider this is one of your wellness resolutions, but now is a good time to start. Creating a positive workplace culture and removing stressors for you and your team will not only make you healthier and improve your work performance, but it will also help to increase morale, satisfaction, and teamwork, and reduce turnover.

2. Watch your caffeine and sugar!

Most entrepreneurs don’t take much time for themselves—they pour their heart, soul, and energy into building their businesses. Because of this, many business owners take shortcuts with nutrition and rely on caffeine to get through the day. Some people see their sugary coffee drinks as their “me time” and end up consuming way too much caffeine and sugar.

Unfortunately, sugary drinks don’t provide any nutrition or keep you full. They’re empty calories that can lead to weight gain. Plus, excessive sugar can lead to all kinds of health problems, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You don’t have to give up your coffee entirely, but consider swapping out some of the sugar and caffeine for healthier choices, like herbal tea.

3. Let 2020 be the year you catch up on sleep

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, sleep is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. Bad news, though: cutting back on sleep is bad for your health and can affect your performance in all areas of your life.

If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, then you might notice problems like irritability, trouble getting out of bed, mood swings, and poor focus. Over time, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to poor work performance, depression, obesity, and trouble working with others.

This year, put sleep on your to-do list. Prioritizing your sleep can be a challenge, but it’s crucial for the long-term success of your business, your health, and your well-being. All-nighters aren’t doing you or your business any favours!

4. Don’t forget to breathe!

It’s so easy to go-go-go all the time and live in the future. When you’re steps ahead and trying to think about what your business will be in the next few years, you might have forgotten to stop and live in the present moment. Breathing can help you re-centre and calm you down when you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

One of the best things about breathing exercises is that you can do them anywhere! Taking some time during your day for deep, mindful breathing can really help you relax, live in the moment, and slow your body down.

It’s a good idea to practice deep breathing daily, but you can also use this technique when you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and take a moment for yourself.

5. Best tip for last: Treat your health like a client

Successful entrepreneurs know that putting the client or customer first is a great way to build loyalty. Unfortunately, caring for clients can often come at the expense of our own health and well-being.

If you really want to focus on wellness and become the best version of yourself in 2020, then it’s time to stop thinking about your health as an afterthought. If your health collapses, then you won’t be able to run your business at all!

Treat your health like a client and remember that your business is a reflection of you. If you make your health non-negotiable, then you’ll project your confidence and well-being to your customers—which will only lead to a more profitable business and a happier, more fulfilling life.  

Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices and everything in between. He is currently writing a book about scaling up business and his experience implementing lean methodology.