Employees are the lifeblood of an organization because they get the wheels turning. They are the ones who run the business effectively, regardless of its size, scale, and domain. But every company has some people who are better than the rest, as they deliver more on the productivity, efficiency, and performance fronts. They also have leadership potential and creative abilities that set them apart. It is vital to identify these employees and nurture them. Moreover, retaining them should be a top priority, even if you have to go the extra mile. But segregating performers from the others in a huge team can be tricky. Here are some tips to identify the genuine ones.

Know the Essential Traits

Pinpointing a performer gets easy if you know the key traits that make them one. Besides productivity and performance, these employees prioritize quality over everything else. But they also stick to deadlines every time they take up a task. Fearless decision-making, hunger for learning, desire for input, and self-direction are some other traits that set them apart. Moreover, they remain calm under pressure, no matter how challenging the situations get. High performers understand the significance of teamwork, so they are inherently good with bonding and communication. If an employee has all these traits or even a few of them, they are a keeper.

Conduct a 360-review

Employee reviews help you assess their performance. But a 360 review serves as a game-changer when it comes to pinpointing genuine performers. You can check 360 reviews by primalogik.com to understand how the process works. Essentially, it gathers information about individual employees from various sources, such as direct reports, co-workers, line managers, and customers. With data coming from diverse places, you are in a better place to get a complete picture of employee personality and performance. It helps you spot talented individuals with real potential. You can rely on 360 templates to cover all critical questions that provide unbiased and honest feedback for employees.

Set Relevant KPIs

Another effective measure to pick the best performers in your team is to use relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). These factors determine whether your employees are on the course to achieving the organizational objectives. Typically, KPIs include goal-based metrics (revenue generated, leads, sales, or profits), qualitative metrics (manager feedback, customer ratings), productivity, effectiveness, employee morale, and involvement. But they may vary according to roles and organizational needs. They may also change according to evolving needs and processes. However, you must define them clearly to get a clear view of employee contribution to the company.

Picking top performers should be a priority for HR managers because they are the people who can push growth and motivate their peers. Overlooking them is not a choice because losing them can hurt your business more than you imagine. So you must implement these measures to identify the best employees and ensure they stay with your organization. Once you know who they are, it becomes easy to engage and retain them with the right measures.