Businesses that represent essentially every industry are focused on adopting new ways to operate and to communicate with their staff. Not only is it important for leaders to connect with their teams, but it’s also essential to find procedures to get work done simultaneously.  Many today are working remotely and still need to keep their projects and responsibilities moving ahead. Technology through many different means already exists in order to efficiently work away from the office. Keeping your team connected during remote work periods is essential.  This means virtually meeting and connecting with employees and your clientele at the same time.

The goals of remote work periods

The ultimate goal is to reduce losses and risks associated with partners, merchandisers, and others important to your specific business model. Using technology, telecommunications, networking, and an array of applications will help executives and their staff members meet their goals and objectives.

This may involve a bit of a learning curve for those operations that don’t typically work this way. Some businesses, according to Forbes, need to take a deep dive into the processes necessary to work remotely long-term. Although there’s no definitive information showing that these are permanent changes to the way we work, being flexible and prepared is the key.

Here are some tips to keep your executive team connected when working remotely.

Provide key figures with company phones

As a business owner or a corporate leader, you may decide that your executive staff members need to have company phones while away from the office. These employees are key figures, in some instances, that need to be available by phone around the clock.

Purchasing a company phone is a big undertaking and in order to hold its value, it’s important to remember to purchase protective BodyGuardz products to protect new company phones and screens.

Utilize conference calling techniques

SHRM recently reported that 65% of employers surveyed were taking steps to establish work-from-home protocols. This process has to do with finding new ways to accomplish tasks individually and as teams.

Conference calling techniques are now becoming more important than ever before. Many companies have adequate telecommunication products to enhance these calls and meeting schedules, even when your executive team works from home.

Adapt text and direct messaging strategies

Another way to adapt to remote work also involves the use of phone systems and networks. The ability to text and send direct messages in a timely way is important. Those businesses that already utilize company phones are well-positioned for this.

It’s possible to utilize employee phones for this type of communication. There are tools, like Slack or Asana, for assigning work, establishing teams, and checking on project statuses directly through text or chat messages.

Incorporate cloud file storage options

Advancements over the years have led a lot of companies to incorporate cloud file storage options. When your staff is working remotely, cloud storage makes it easy to store your files and documents in one place. This encourages teamwork and collaborative efforts so that the appropriate employees have access to information even when they are outside of the office.

Establish a leader

Depending on the size of your company, it may be necessary to establish more than one communications leader. This is the person, or persons, who will be responsible for making sure the entire team of executives and staff members are notified. They will keep the team connected during remote work periods.

These leaders are the personnel that relay information, assign tasks, team activities, and announce virtual meetings. Having this leader as part of your team helps manage business goals, efficiency, and workflows.

Stay connected while working remotely

Today’s new normal as it relates to corporate operations and activities will likely involve remote work for executives, teams, and other staff members. It’s a necessary way to ensure that productivity and momentum are not lost during the current period of nationwide lockdowns.

In order to ease the concern and discomfort with new work dynamics, it’s a good idea to ensure that your staff has exactly what they need. This includes equipment, such as phone, software, and other items. Executives who are directing the remote work process will benefit from ensuring that realistic expectations are relayed and that communications succeed by staying connected with various strategies and software.

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