Keep Your Career Up to Date

Is your career future-proof? You know, with so much change in the way we do business, your current skills can be obsolete in the next five years. Then, how do you keep yourself abreast of the changing work dynamics? Or, are you the type who waits for a layoff before acting? Then, in this guide, we look at five essential tips to keep your career up to date. Are you ready to explore? Let’s get to it!

1. Update Your Resume

First things first, when was the last time you updated your CV? Critic your resume as if you are a potential employer. Would you hire yourself? Hence, even when you are happy in your current job, keep your number one document up to date. Do this by assessing and adding your latest achievements to it. The accomplishment should talk about where you were. Then, elaborate on the obstacle you tackled. What action did you take? Finally, list the measurable results you got. Do this at least once each year.

2. Build Your Portfolio

While a resume is a summary of your professional career, a portfolio is much more profound. It details your personality and work ethic. Hence, your portfolio enhances your resume. That way, you know the resume will secure you your first interview. Then, you will pull out your portfolio during the meeting to prove your case. A good portfolio ought to be clear and well-structured. Include all documentation to substantiate it.

3. Work on Your Transferable Skills

Today’s professionals must own a set of soft skills to back up their academic qualifications and experience. More so, these skills should be transferable across other fields. For example, project management skills prove that you can tackle any project in any area. And, without effective communication and sales skills, your innovative ideas remain untapped. Other capabilities include advanced digital literacy and emotional intelligence. Then, enrol at Winchester University to expand your pool of transferable skills.

4. Maintain an Active LinkedIn Profile

Use the LinkedIn professional platform to create and maintain your brand. Indeed, your profile should show a consistent flow of positive engagements. That way, you will be ready when career opportunities come your way. Start by opening the basic account. Then build your connections with other like-minded professionals.

5. Network, Network, Network

How do you leverage your professional contacts? Indeed, through this pool, you can get referrals or introductions to grow your business. Even so, professional groups share vital information and advice that keeps you abreast of your industry. Note that you should always engage your networks even when you are not looking for any favours. That way, you will not appear desperate or too pushy.


To keep your career up to date, you must be proactive. What you do today will set you apart tomorrow. Then, start with a powerful resume and portfolio. Back the two with a set of transferable skills. Be active in professional groups, directing your leads to your brand at the LinkedIn profile. Most importantly, practice self-care. You want to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit to enjoy the fruits of your work, won’t you?