At the centre of your being you know the answer

you know who you are and you know what  you want

Lao Tzu

At the centre of your being lies your intuition

I was the loneliest person in my family.  I was also the loneliest person in my marriage.  Or at least it felt like that.  How on earth could I feel so lonely when I was surrounded by people who loved me and wanted to spend time with me?  It was because for many years I was not connected to myself.  At the centre of your being is your higher self, your intuition, who you are.  We all have access to this higher self or intuition. However, until we realise it is there then we are simply living with internal blinkers on.

Now I feel like the least lonely person because my inner life or my relationship with myself is strong and connected.  This helps me to connect more meaningfully with others, rather than try to fill a void within myself.

You will unlock the key to life when you ask the right questions

It’s taken me many years to trust and seek out my intuition.  I would often make decisions with logic.  Making decisions at the centre of your being can take some time.  What I have learned is that when I am at peace with any decision, I’m on to something.  So if my heart and head feel aligned then that means my intuition or higher self agrees.   I am learning, much to my cost at times that making decisions when my mind or heart was not at peace or in resistance usually didn’t work out.  Having said that I also used to make decisions deliberately. Willfully going against this inner wisdom, just because logically it didn’t seem right.

One of the biggest revelations to me was when I realised the quality of life depended on the questions I was asking.  So, “Should I buy this car or not?”  “Should I cut my hair or not?” Quite frankly most of the time, the inner self is pretty unconcerned with these types of questions.  However, we have hit the jackpot, when we realise at the centre of our being lies answers to certain questions.  Questions such as “What will I learn from this difficult situation?”  What is the most loving thing I can do in this situation?”

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