TikTok has gained a massive following in the past year greatly due to time spent at home from quarantine. This short video app techno, and why is everyone obsessed with it?

The answer is actually quite complicated. The algorithm that is used to curate videos for the For You Page or FYP for short, is tailored to the individual user. This algorithm takes into account what videos you like, scroll through, and the hashtags that are most closely related to the videos you like. All of these play a part as to why everyone’s FYP is so different. 

At the beginning of TikTok’s reign, users thought that only popular videos were able to access the FYP, but up until last year, it has been brought to light that every single video that gets posted makes the FYP, it is just a matter of how it gets interacted with that determines if it will gain any attention. 

Since finding this out, users have been trying to figure out the best time to post on TikTok. And while it isn’t an exact science, people have slowly started to figure out what times work better than others. 

All About Timing

In order to go viral, many things have to fall into place. One of the most important things is the time you post. You may certainly use a TikTok viewer tool to find out the perfect time for posting on TikTok.. Every day there are different time frames that seem to do better than others. And they go as follows: 





























While posting at these times is not a guarantee for your videos to go viral, it will certainly help. When posting, it is important to think about the times that your audience will be on the app. Are they on before work, in the middle of their lunch break, do they stay up late, what time zone are they in? Using all of this information to find the best time for your audience, can help get your video circulating!

Other Factors

As previously stated, while timing does play a big part in having your TikTok go viral, there are other factors that play a big role. For starters, when scrolling through your FYP, oftentimes you will see video captions loaded with hashtags, some of them even making no sense. These hashtags are the current hashtags that are trending, and while they may not make sense to you, they will to others. So use them to your advantage! These hashtags tag your video to the trend, making them more visible to others around the world. 

Another way to help get your videos gain traction is to participate in TikTok trends. These can include storytimes, using specific filters, special TikTok dances and songs, and many others that can really get you on the track for a viral video! To see some of the top TikTok trends in 2020 check out NeoReach’s up to date list found here!

Now that you have all of the information to create a viral TikTok video, get posting and who knows, maybe your video will end up on our FYP! 

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