A whole load of emotions gets thrown into a whirlwind when you find out you have been accepted to go and study abroad; you’re both excited but scared, nervous but happy. Making sure you are as prepared as possible with all the necessary knowledge and information can help wash away some of those worries so that you can focus on that positive exhilaration instead. Take a look at this short guide to preparing to study abroad to help compose your excitement and ensure your transition to a new life is smooth and enjoyable.

Communicate with Your College

Communication is always key. Colleges are usually experts in providing you with all the necessary (and some unnecessary) information you need for when you arrive at the campus. But if there is anything you are unsure of, ask! There are always people on hand and ready to answer anything that may be on your mind. Knowing the process for arrival, seeing where you will be living, who you will be living with and what your course will consist of will help settle yourself before your departure and make settling in that little bit easier when you get there. While your college should tell you these anyway, make sure you ask for anything that is missing. They want your move to be smooth and enjoyable too.

Prepare the Essentials

Firstly, there are the academic essentials. Your college may have given you a list of things that they think you will need to bring with you, which is usually a good place to start. Then there’s everything you need to live there, i.e., linen, towels, blankets, pictures from home – check what will be supplied and prepare everything that is not. Finally, there are the more formal documents. Make sure you have everything you need to get into the country, apply for your visa and begin this new chapter of your life. RushTranslate offers a certified translation for official documents (immigration, court records, etc.), usually required if the country you are studying in does not have the same native language. Be prepared with these kinds of things, so you have all your bases covered.

Find Out About Your New Home

Once all the official educational and technical aspects have been sorted, of course, you want to know all about the area you are going to be living! Make a list of all the foods you want to try and the best places to get them, and look into the local sports teams to see if you can secure some tickets to a game for you and your new friends. Research the tourist hot spots because if you live there, you obviously have to tick them off. Weekends and vacations give you more time to explore further afield – maybe there’s something or somewhere that’s on your bucket list just a few hours away that you’ll be able to visit for a few days in the semester break. There’s nothing more exciting than planning all your possible future adventures.

When you’ve done preparing to study abroad, and you have all your documents, college equipment, living essentials and extensive area knowledge, all that’s left to do is pack and get there!