Are you stuck in an endless loop and can’t figure out how to hire a developer? Well, hiring a programmer isn’t as easy as it seems initially. According to the latest research, only 15 per cent of applicants don’t lie in their resumes. The rest of the 85% exaggerate their skills and experience.

Where To Find Top Developers

I bet now that the question of” How to hire a developer?” may be bothering you even more. In the post below, you will find a guide that will help you hire a web developer for your startup.

The easiest way is to use online communities on DevSkiller, Stack Overflow, or GitHub. In addition, some skilled programmers are active on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Feel free to reach them using these other platforms.

5 Tips on How To Hire a Developer

If you wish to hire software developers, make sure you are clear on the programming skills required. From writing job descriptions to filtering the applicant pool, each step is crucial. Read some guides on how to hire a developer before you get to the application research process. Below are some software developers’ hiring tips that will help you eliminate any of the stress involved.

By following effective hiring strategies for software developers, you can streamline the process and alleviate any associated stress. Consider exploring guides on how to hire a developer, which can provide valuable insights on writing job descriptions, filtering applicants, and assessing programming skills. Additionally, considering nearshore software development outsourcing can provide access to a talent pool with the necessary expertise and alleviate the burden of the hiring process.

Defining the Requirements

Defining the requirements of the position is the first tip on how to hire a developer guide. In a nutshell, you need to note down all requirements and convert them into advertisement copy to hire a programmer for a startup.

The requirements section must contain all the necessary experience, skills, qualifications, and qualities to get the programming tasks correctly. Specific qualifications will help in crafting the right job description copy and help in sorting through the application pool.  Keep in mind that the more detailed a description and its requirements, the better the chances of reaching the right candidates. For example, for a specialized position such as a Laravel Developer, the requirements will be specifically to have experience with PHP and the Laravel framework.

Present Your Company and the Job

You shouldn’t focus only on how to hire a developer. On the contrary, it’s advisable to focus on how to attract the best software engineers. In addition, you need to portray your company’s culture and values, job ethics, and environmental friendliness.

Include in your job description all the benefits that you can offer. By showcasing the company’s positives, you promote your brand image in the background of a job posting. Even those who don’t want to apply for a developer’s job position may take notice of your job description and send you their resumes. It will help to create a pool of top candidates in different niches.

Write a Job Ad

When you write the advertising copy for your job posting, make sure it is optimized for the platform you are using.

Google ads or Facebook ads have their ad sizes. Therefore, their size scheme must be followed. Job advertisements must be engaging and creative to gain maximum audience attention. The background should be stylish and relevant to the programming for the developing web niche.

Animated or video advertisements work better than static advertisements or images. For example, a job ad must contain the company’s introduction, job requirements, and the offered benefits.  It’s also important to make sure that the job ads are posted on the right platforms to reach the right candidates. For example, to reach a skilled OpenCV Developer, posting on programming job boards and developer forums may be beneficial.

The Interview Process

Once you have the applicant pool, the next step in how to hire a developer guide is the interview process. First, you need to filter out the applications and discard resumes that don’t seem to have the appropriate qualification or experience.

Modern application software can be used for the application filtration process. After shortlisting the candidates, you can interview each one to observe their confidence level and expertise. There is a difference in approaches between interviewing, for example, React developers and hiring iOS developers. For sure, these interviews will include common questions related to soft skills, education, and experience. But it’s better to prepare particular questions for each role, tech stack or even level of experience.

Asking for the completion of a small test task works wonderfully in defining the real expertise of applicants. Finally, you can email an offer letter to the selected applicant. Additionally, it’s recommended to call them to inform them about their hiring.

IT Talent Onboarding

Now that you know how to hire developers and other specialists in software engineering, it’s time to manage them remotely. But unfortunately, not all software developers tend to work genuinely, especially when their performance is not monitored properly.

You may give targets and ask them to deliver tasks on time. However, a cost-effective way to manage remote employees is to use management systems offered by many websites.

Note that weekly tasks completed and efficiency reports should be shared with software developers to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Now you know all the steps in how to hire developers for a startup.


Hiring a developer may seem tricky. However, every step is vital in the correct hiring process to provide long-term benefits for your company. Focus on requirements, good ad copy, developers skill testing, hiring, and proper management, especially when hiring off-site developers.


Where can I find developers for hire?

Smarter ways include referrals, job sites, Google Ads, or even successful developers’ social media profiles. For example, LinkedIn is a hub of developers and other professionals ready to be hired.

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

If you don’t know how to hire a developer, you should keep in mind that, on average, software engineers earn $150,000 per year. Also, you need to count the expenses of managing an HR department.

What should I look for when hiring a software developer?

First, you have to focus on the technical expertise of applicants to acquire the best engineers for your team. However, never compromise on the soft skills of applicants.