Becoming an educator is one of the most fulfilling careers out there. You can help shape minds of all ages and nurture the potential of your students. The pleasure of watching a student flourish and grow in confidence is unlike any other.  Many believe that teaching is a job limited to a school classroom. While this is often true, you could explore many other areas and settings. Here are some of the best career options for aspiring educators, from traditional roles to unconventional ones.

Early Childhood Teacher

The early years of childhood are some of the most important for education. As an early years educator, you can help ensure that your charges get the best start in life and develop all the skills they need in the many forms of education ahead of them. There is a wide range of career options in early childhood education.

You might consider a job as a nanny or preschool assistant to know whether this type of education is right for you. A love and understanding of young children are essential, and there are plenty of qualifications to help you reach your potential.

Elementary School Teacher

As an elementary school teacher, you will be working with children older than early years. Education needs can differ significantly between grades, so choosing an age group to specialize in can be beneficial. The education you provide will be more structured, and this career option could be an important stepping stone in helping the children in your care progress through their education.

Middle And High School Teacher

Middle and high school teaching involves working with teenagers and preparing them for the world of work or higher education. You will also need to ensure they are ready for their examinations. Working with teens can be challenging, but many educators believe the rewards far outweigh the challenges. You will need to be highly empathetic to work well with teenagers, as part of your role will be pastoral, helping children with their problems like bullying and self-image issues.

Higher Education Teacher

Teaching in a higher education institute is often entirely different to teaching in an elementary, middle or high school. The students you teach will be in your classroom by choice, often thanks to a shared love of the subject. Pursuing a career in higher education can allow you to follow your passions and become an expert in your field.

You will need additional qualifications in higher education teaching to become a higher education teacher. You can find options to gain an online certificate from experts at Harvard University – this can help set you up for your career options and give you a platform to launch from.

GED Teacher For Adults

Teaching adults to achieve their GED can be a hugely rewarding career option. You will be helping adults who were unable to complete high school achieve their diploma to help them seek further education, better job prospects and much more. You will need a good knowledge of the GED exam and the ability to make a curriculum that will keep your students engaged.

School Principal

Becoming a school principal means that you will have management responsibilities and teaching. You will be responsible for ensuring your school budget is used correctly, ensuring that your school provides the best education it can, and supporting and advising teachers. It is an enormous responsibility, but it can also be gratifying and a well-paid career option.

English As A Second Language

Teaching English as a second language can be a great way to help your local community. You will teach everyone from immigrants to refugees, allowing them to connect and integrate into US culture. You will meet people from all walks of life in this career and provide an invaluable service.

Prison Teacher

Many prisons in the US provide inmates with education opportunities. As mentioned above, the most common form of education in the prison system is the GED program. Many different schemes offer higher education depending on the prison and funding available. Working at a prison can present challenges and may not be for everyone, but it can also be an excellent career option to use your talents to help the people who need them most.

Private Tutor

Being a private tutor can be a fantastic way to earn money on your terms. It is beneficial for anyone that doesn’t want to be tied to any place for an extended time. You can tutor students in your spare time to fit around other commitments.


There is a massive range of career options for anyone who wants to become an educator. You will usually need a bachelor’s degree and a higher education qualification to become a teacher, regardless of the age of your students or the level of education you will provide. You should ensure that you enjoy imparting knowledge to others before settling on this path and consider all the possible roles available when choosing the right one for you.

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