Whether you own a small or huge business, you must have used online collaboration tools at a certain point. It enables your company and team to work on their tasks efficiently, in due time, and project management overall is much easier. Small businesses significantly can benefit from these online collaboration tools. It enables them to become an efficient and well-organized team that can take on more projects. But if you’re just a startup, you might not know which ones are the best. Stay tuned to find out which top 5 tools you can use quickly to start managing the most significant projects possible.


Used by hundreds of thousands of companies in the USA and the UK, Huddle has shown to be a potent tool for small and big businesses alike. It is a secure network, where some features include online brainstorming sessions between co-workers. You get insight into a conversation about every aspect of the project. It’s all conveniently located in one place. You can also store your business files online, in the cloud, and your team can use them if given permission. Another great benefit of using an online collaboration tool like this is assigning milestones and task deadlines to your team members. You can track how far they have gone with work. It’s an added plus, especially if you have several deadlines and appointments to meet and a large team that you need to keep an eye on all the time.


Similar to other online collaboration tools, but oh so very different, BaseCamp is a tool that focuses on making communication more efficient and easy for all team members. You get the convenience of using the app both on your computer and your phone, so you’re always up to date on your projects. No need to check those messy emails anymore. All your to-do lists, documents, and files are in one place for your entire team to access and share. Fast and easy communication is of the essence for all large teams who are either in charge of large projects or have many clients. Staying on top of all assignments comes easy with BaseCamp because it revolves around the communication aspect of management.


If the previously mentioned collaboration tools don’t fit your style, Nutcache certainly will. It offers an extensive array of options so that you can manage every aspect of the project in one spot. You can control billings and invoices, manage expenses and create complex reports. Along with handling your finances, you can also use this online collaborative tool to build specific tasks for your team members and their clients, assign hours to the projects, and share essential files regarding the same project. There is no need to step away from Nutcache because it can be your #1 information resource.


Suppose your goal is to streamline all communication regarding a project. Being able to control every aspect of it efficiently, Redbooth will enable you to do that and so much more. Share your files, videos, images, and documents and brainstorm with your colleagues. Sharing can be in the room or off-shore right there, at that moment. Efficient communication is just one of the benefits of online collaboration tools such as this one. You can connect the tool to Google Drive, Dropbox Evernote, or an alternative like this if your team already heavily relies on that software. Redbooth is an online planner. Every to-do list, storage, and task creation can be managed inside Redbooth.


Trello is straightforward to use, and it lets you tackle the most problematic aspects of managing large projects. Online collaboration tools like Trello enable you to customize your to-do lists. These can be done for each team member and their specific projects.   Trello also keeps track of their activities. You can organize images, videos, texts, notes, whatever you are using for a certain project. If that’s not enough, there’s a handy progress meter. If you’re the kind of team that needs to be reminded of tasks all the time and are pushed by visuals, then this progress meter is what you need. You can keep an eye on your deadline and whether you are making all of your appointments. And what to hear the best part? It’s all for free, so you and your team can get on it today.

Because businesses and teams often consist of team members not in the same country, online collaboration tools provide a very secure network. The network can communicate with all members and assign them tasks they can check off. It’s also great for monitoring and checking the activities of your team members. Take advantage of these powerful tools today!

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