A portable office is a mobile workspace that enables you to work across multiple sites and locations. It contains all of the necessary components of a traditional fixed office, including a desk, chair, computer, lighting, stationery, and other office tools.

Portable offices can be particularly helpful for self-employed people, as they offer a high level of flexibility and customizability, two things that are limited to a fixed office workplace. If you’re considering using one over a fixed office as someone who works for themselves, keep reading.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the main advantages of switching to a portable workspace as somebody who runs their own business or works as a self-employed freelancer.

Portable Offices Are Customizable and Adaptable

Portable offices come in a range of sizes, styles, and types. You might want to go for one of the sea can office trailers or a portable cabin, and you have full control over the design and layout of your office space. You’ll be able to create a work environment that suits your unique needs and become your leader.

Once you’ve built your portable office, you can transport it almost anywhere. They enable you to work at home or while travelling, making it feel as if you are Virtually There, and perfect if your work requires you to move around a lot, such as if you regularly meet clients on-site.

Cost Effective

Renting or buying fixed office space can be expensive, especially if you want to work in the city centre. With this type of office, you can reduce or eliminate your expenses and save money on rent, utilities, and repairs.

The construction costs of a building are a lot cheaper than erecting a fixed commercial building. You will save on commuting costs as you can work from any location, and you won’t need to organize hotels when visiting clients in other states.

As a self-employed individual, you can deduct the costs of setting up your portable office in your tax return, saving you further money.

Better for the Environment

Portable offices are usually smaller in size than traditional fixed offices. For this reason, they require less energy to keep warm and well-lit, meaning reduced energy consumption and emissions. Because you won’t be commuting to and from a fixed office or client’s buildings every day, you can cut your personal carbon footprint too.

You can design it to be eco-friendly with energy-efficient LED lighting, low-flow toilets, and construction made from sustainable building materials, such as recycled steel. It’s, therefore, the perfect option if you’re conscious of the environment.

Portable Offices Are Time Saving and Quick to Construct

Portable offices take less time to construct than fixed buildings. You can use the time you save during the construction process to work on your business and improve your client services.

Once constructed, you’ll be able to transport your portable office to any location, saving time organizing accommodation, temporary offices, and travel to a fixed office.