Having a reliable way of hiring staff in Thailand is important if you want a flourishing business. Apart from ensuring that you work with people who can give optimal payroll solutions for small businesses, you should also have competent hiring staff. A good hiring staff will give you a competent workforce that can help you achieve your business goals most efficiently. If you want to help your hiring staff in coming up with a solid workforce, you should take note of the following:

Your hiring staff should have a full understanding of labour laws in Thailand

As you are in a foreign country with different customs, traditions, and cultures, you must ensure that everything that your hiring staff undertakes is legal. Everything should be within the ambit of labour laws in Thailand. Your hiring staff should be knowledgeable of the following:

  • Thailand’s labour laws
  • Thailand’s labour regulations
  • Pervading minimum wage
  • Working hours
  • Overtime rules
  • Mandatory benefits

You should ensure compliance at all times to avoid legal troubles.

Recruitment agencies can make their job easier

You should always keep in mind that you are operating in a foreign land. There are many aspects of the country that you are not fully aware of and it would do you much good if you would opt to work with local recruitment agencies that are highly adept at navigating the local job market. They can easily find local candidates for you. Working with one will streamline your hiring process and save much time and energy on your end.

Cultural sensitivity

Thailand is a country that is rich in traditions and culture. Your hiring staff should always keep in mind that it is imperative to respect such during the entire hiring process. Your hiring staff should be:

  • Polite
  • Patients
  • Considerate

They should keep in mind that the goal, from the very first time that they connect with a candidate and throughout the hiring process, is to build a good relationship with every employee. Businesses with happy employees reach great heights. 

Language proficiency

You would want to make sure that the people that you would work with will understand you. It’s important that you can give them directions that they fully understand. Understanding a task is 50% of the work. Your hiring staff should endeavour to hire individuals who are proficient in English or in a language that you prefer. Communication should be easy at all times. 

Visas and work permits

This is particularly important if you have foreign employees. All of your employees who are not Thai nationals should have the necessary work permit and visa. This is why your hiring staff should be aware of the following:

  • Different kinds of visas
  • Different kinds of work permits
  • Requirements for renewal of visas and work permits

You can easily avoid getting into legal trouble or paying penalties if your hiring staff is proactive in ensuring legal compliance.

Educational background

Most Thais hold multiple degrees. It’s important that such are verified for discrepancies that can arise. Your hiring staff should ensure that all hired individuals truly have the skills and level of expertise that they claim. Every claim should be authenticated. You should only work with fully transparent and credible individuals.

Local market rates

Your hiring staff should research current local salary rates. They should also be aware of pervading benefit expectations. Such knowledge will allow them to create competitive employment offers that will give your business the best possible workforce. The employment offer of your hiring staff should attract and retain top talents. Keep in mind that Thai compensation packages are very different from Western standards. 

Interview etiquette

Prospective employees will get a feel of how it is to work with you during their interview. During interviews, it’s not the applicants alone that need to make an impression. Your business should make an impression as well. This is why your hiring staff should interview employees with intention. All interviews must be conducted with utmost respect and politeness. Thais are reserved so your hiring staff should aim to give a safe and comfortable space during interviews. Candidates must feel free to open up and express themselves. Take note of the following:

  • Always start interviews with a polite greeting, better if the greeting is in Thai
  • Your hiring staff should be on time
  • Always use respectful words and gestures 
  • Offer refreshments if possible
  • Provide feedback before closing the interview 

Background check

To ensure that everyone at work will be trustworthy and safe to work with, your hiring staff should check the following:

  • Educational qualifications – check on transcript of records and diplomas
  • Employment history – check if the applicant indeed worked in the listed company
  • Criminal background check
  • Verify professional licenses
  • Check on their provided references
  • Social Media presence
  • Drug testing
  • Legal Compliance


All your hiring practices involving hiring staff in Thailand ––– from start to finish ––– should embrace diversity and inclusion. Thailand is rich in culture all by its own but as it is also home to numerous foreigners from different parts of the world, it is also multicultural. This is why your hiring staff should endeavour to provide a diverse workforce that brings varying perspectives and skills of great value.  Discrimination should have no place in your hiring process. No race should also enjoy any form of special treatment. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally.